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06-06-07 garage24

New guestbook due to SPAM flodding the old one. Most new Pug & MG pages are ready now for uploading
Oh, and I bough a new classic car - the one from 1967 in the "my cars" list...

18-12-06 garage24

Technical modifications. After all, I'm back online with this website, and will add plenty off new stuff over the next weeks. Please come back and have a look!

30-04-05 PEUGEOT 504 L: News and new pictures from my baby
504 worldwide:
New great photos from Argentina, Australia, Greece, Netherlands

Pug meetings: 504 Community Jakarta 2004 / Frestedt date 2005
Wanted! Spare parts
  MGB GT Ever seen a HERON PLASTICS hardtop?

02-01-05 PEUGEOT 504 worldwide: New pictures from Austria, England, France, Indonesia, Spain, Sri Lanka
505 worldwide: More cars from Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Poland and Spain
Special 604s: Unique Break(s) and Pick-up
Pug meetings: Frestedt 2004 / AvD OGP 2004
  MGB GT New links: Minor updates, and new sites about BGTs. I'll never get enough!

26-03-04 PEUGEOT 404: Latest work plus brand-new photos of Karen's immaculate 404
505 worldwide: A couple of nice cars from France
505 V6: Updates and new lovely photos of my big Pug
605 SR 3.0: New tasty pictures of my LeMans-Taxi
Frestedt: The next meeting date. Don't miss!
New links: More great sites about 404, 504 and 505
  MGB GT Two very special GT's in Special BGTs
New links: Plenty of new sites. BGTs that must be seen!

12-12-03 PEUGEOT 504 worldwide: New pictures from Sri Lanka, France, Egypt, Benin and Senegal
505 worldwide: More stuff from New Zealand and Senegal
Meetings: Frestedt 2003 / AvD OGP Nürburgring 2003
Special 604s: More news on a unique Landaulet, and all about the 604 Break
  garage24 New guestbook: Now again lots of space for your comments, opinions, offers...

30-09-03 PEUGEOT No surprise: I bought another 604...
504 worldwide: More cars from Chile, England, Indonesia and Spain
505 worldwide: New stuff from Belgium, Indonesia and Mexico
605 SR 3.0: New tasty photos of my big Pug
You're not alone: 605 ownership guide
  garage24 Introduction updated

11-07-03 PEUGEOT 605 SR 3.0: More about its gutmann body kit
504 worldwide: A "green" 504 Break in Germany, 2x Stainless steel 504s in France,
and a TI in the UK
505 worldwide: 505s from Israel, China and Indonesia
505 survival guide: Valve adjustment on ZEJ and ZN3J engines, and more updates
New links: 301, 403, new german 505 site, 604 and 605 pages...
  MGB GT Tuning: Parabolic leaf spring setup for my car
Special BGTs: Even more historically important & exotic MGB GTs
New links: You'll never get enough of the BGT...

02-04-03 PEUGEOT Latest addition to the fleet: my 1991 605 SR 3.0 Evolution
504 worldwide: New 504s from Sri Lanka and Thailand!
505 worldwide: 505s from Indonesia and Taiwan
Meetings: Frestedt 2002 and OGP Nürburgring 2002 photos
New links: New german Pug forum, 605 links and more great sites
  MGB GT "BGT X-treme" now "Special BGTs": Historically important & exotic MGB GTs
New links: Ever thought about fitting a 1998 Ford 2.0 litre Zetec engine?

27-12-02 PEUGEOT 504 Prototypes: La conception dé PEUGEOT 504
504 worldwide: New 504s from Australia (with rotary engine!) and France
505 worldwide: Unbeliveable new photos from Italy, Bahrain, Netherlands and Germany
  MGB GT BGT X-treme: Special MGB GTs
  garage24 New design, also now featuring a Volga M21 and classic caterpillars from FAMO and HANOMAG

28-09-02 PEUGEOT The 504 history: Enlarged history page with more details, technical data, photos
504 worldwide:  More than 180 pictures! New photos from the UK, Netherlands
and Argentina
505 worldwide:  New cars from Australia, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Indonesia
  garage24 New classic car links, now organized in cathegories (racing, marques, spares...)

20-07-02 PEUGEOT Fantastic new links: 504 Database, Löwendoctor (spare parts), Fiveohs.index and more
great Pug sites
  MGB GT Even more links about the breathtaking BGT. Great restoration pics on www.MGB-GT.de



504 worldwide:  Now over 165 pictures from 504s all over the globe
505 worldwide:  Brand-new pics, also now cars from Argentina, Chile and the U.S.

  MGB GT Great new links: Performance / racing parts. Fancy a supercharger?
  garage24 Optimized layout!