Christoph Ruppel / Pit Brodersen / Ingo Bruhn's
P E U G E O T   4 0 4   M E E T I N G :  2 0 0 3   P H O T O S
in Frestedt/Dithmarschen, Northern Germany

Because of the slightly rainy weather, and to show some more of our collection to our friends, Karen and I decided that for this year's Frestedt meet we will take her 505 GTI (left) and my 505 V6 (2nd from left). Surprizingly, a fellow enthusiast with another 505 V6 in excellent condition had the same idea (red car on the right)
This year "only" about 40 PEUGEOTS showed up, maybe because the event took place one week later than usual. Anyway, we found it one of the best meets ever, with so many friends, and so many great cars: Pit Brodersens 404 Coupé, 504 Cabriolet, Michael Semmlers 504 GL, 404 Berline, Heinz Dopatkas 504 Coupé, 204 Berline, another 404 Coupé... Oh, and I bought a 604.
Stunning design by Pininfarina: The 404 Coupé. Note Talbot wing mirror
The 2003 tour during the meeting was again heading towards the old all-steel train bridge over the Northern / Baltic sea channel
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Line-up of 404 Berlines, with Michael's 504 GL in between.
Sandwiched between 505 and 203: Karl-Heinz (who came with his immaculate 403 Familiale), Lena & Heinz Dopatka, and Karen
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Volker Koop's 1975 504 GL. Battered, but well cared for, and still going strong
Talking "PEUGEOT": Volker Koop, 504 expert Michael Semmler, and Martin Eidens. I can't wait for the Frestedt meet 2004...