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I did it again. Due to lack of time, space and money, I had decided to stop collecting cars for some years. Well, obviously this did not work that well, so I can introduce now the latest addition to my fleet: A 1985 604 GTI Automatique, imported from Paris, in a very good overall condition. Read the full story below.
The first time I saw my new 604 GTI was at the Frestedt 2002 PEUGEOT meeting. I remember being astonished how straight and sound this car was, not to mention its original appearance.
But as I wasn't looking for another classic car (see above reasons), I forgot about this car until the next Frestedt meet 2003...
Photo by Michael Semmler
An this is how the 604 looked like when we came across for the 2nd time. After a year of storage outside but under a cover, and now with a dented bonnet, it still looked too good for me. Our friend Ingo Bruhn told us the full story: He interceded the car for one of his friends, Henri. The 1st owner was a french dentist, living in Paris. His son is married to german girl, a female truck driver. Now she has a friend, who has a one-man workshop for VW in northern Germany, and this guy knows Ingo.
Through this line, the french dentist knew that there were a bunch of people in Germany caring about old Peugeots, and so he made up his mind to sell his 604 to Henri. When Henri needed some funds to move on with the restoration of his Corvette Stingray, he decided to sell the 604 he never used.
After all I learned about the car, and after seeing its 2849 ccm, 155 bhp V6, I had to have it. Our friend Michael Semmler took this great photo!
The photo above was made when Karen and I brought the 604 GTI home, with messy electrics, non-working wipers (needless to say it was pouring rain that day, but Karen managed to get it home anyway), blowing exhaust and dead battery. We needed more than three hours for the trip from Dithmarschen to Hamburg - usually you'll need about 60 minutes...
My GTI was made in 1985, the total production run of the GTI model starting in 1984 and ending already in 1986. This short production time, the high quality and all factory options made the GTI the most sought after 604 model.
Just look at the shape - isn't she a beauty? I'm absolutely in love with my 604...
Since I bought the car, I rewired some of the electrics, repaired the wipers, changed oil & filter, air filter and plugs. Replacing the distributor cap is next, but some of the K-Jetronic has to come out first to get access! Thanks to the Löwendoctor, my car has now also a new exhaust and a used bonnet in excellent condition, even in the correct colour! After some work on the brakes, another 604 will be street-legal again!

To be continued...