Christoph Ruppel / Pit Brodersen / Ingo Bruhn's
P E U G E O T   4 0 4   M E E T I N G :  2 0 0 4   P H O T O S
in Frestedt/Dithmarschen, Northern Germany

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Same procedure as every year: The '04 tour during the meeting was again heading towards the vintage all-steel train bridge crossing the North / Baltic sea channel. From left, cclw: Michael Semmler's 504 GL, my 504 TI, Thomas van Gemmeren's 504 GL
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Gentlemen, start your engines: Bonnets are lifted to compare Michael's 96bhp XN1 powerplant with my 79bhp XM7 motor
Immaculate after a thourough restoration: 1978 PEUGEOT 504 GL Automatique of Thomas van Gemmeren
Rear view. Thomas' car was built in 10/78 and is therefor a 1979 model
Immaculate 304 Coupé is a very rare sight these days, and a very nice one, too
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A stop at the gas station gives the chance to marvel at this line-up of great classic PEUGEOTS and take some photos
Not too much cars this time, but all friends (except Lorenzo) are there. Also the weather was fine, making it a great day
Cars ranging from 203 to 403, 404, 504, 505, and even a swedish 104 can be spotted in this row
And even more 504 Berlines. But Michael Semmler is thinking about buying a 404, I wonder?
The 504 Berline is a real beauty, just look at their rear ends... Pininfarina did a great job!
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This battered 1978 504 TI Automatique was once owned by Regisseur Tom Tykwer ("Run Lola Run", and is kept on the street by its current owner Bernd Lemke.
Bernd still found some small items lost by Tykwer, when repairing and cleaning the car. I do not like any of Tykwer's films, and neither do I like the way he treated this poor 504
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The orange colour fits the 504 well. Michael and Lars can be seen having a look under the bonnet of another 504
This beauty has been resprayed recently. Note sunroof visor in matching colour
Battered PEUGEOT 504 TI shows extra air-intakes, making it a 1977 model, and the twin-headlight set-up of 1976 TI's
I'll need a 403 Berline someday. Definitly. Judgeing by the front grille, this a LUXE or SEPT model
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Karen Fülle's immaculate PEUGEOT 404 among some friends of the same breed, including a Cabriolet
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Immo Schwarze, the Löwendoctor, came with his fantastic PEUGEOT 404 Hearse. It took Immo lots of efforts to restore this unique 404 model
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The day after the meeting, Michael, Lars, Karen and I used the sunny weather for a long testdrive, to compare our 504s. We had great fun on our day out
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Proud owners. From left: Michael Semmler, Lars Thieme, and myself. Photo by Karen Fülle