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404 links

  Corinna & Dirk Müller's 404 homepage (D):  
Like to see some 404 prototypes ? Special bodied 404s ? Sedans ? Breaks ? Convertibles and Coupés ? Rally and export versions ? A must for every 404 enthusiast. BTW Dirk once owned a PEUGEOT dealership, founded by his father and grandfather in 1965...
404 PEUGEOT- toutes informations techniques (F):
All - really ALL - technical data you need to know if you own or want to own a 404. Beautiful site, and very helpfull!
  Anna-Malin Karlsson's 404 homepage (S):
The site for 404 enthusiasts. Great pictures of Anna-Malin's beautiful 404 and others. Choose between swedish or french!
  The PEUGEOT 404 Pictures, Sounds and Data Pages (A):
Martin Brunner's site features everything you need to know about the 404. Pictures, sounds (!), technical data, details, events, reviews... What more can you ask for ?
  Eugenio's PEUGEOT 404 Site (F):
After acquiring a 1967 PEUGEOT 404 Convertible, Eugenio Grapa started collecting shop manuals, sales brochures etc. and one thing led to another... One such "thing" is this site, covering the 404 Convertible, Coupé and Berline models
  Peter's 404 Home Page (S):
Find out about Peter's 1967 404 and others. Nice pictures and data about the 404 winning the african rallies during the 1960s
  Jacques van Son's homepage (NL):
I met Jacques in 1998 at the PEUGEOT meeting in Frestedt, but knew him before through his excellent pages. He owns a beautiful 404 Coupé, and in his family you'll find even more PEUGEOTs... Just follow this link and see by yourself.
404web.org (F):
Very nice styled 404 website. Also very complete: Photos, mechanic overview, partical section, forum, small ads plus boutique.
Bienvenue au CLUB 404 (F):
THE club to join if you own a 404. Very large site with everything about the club, and in addition everything about the 404 of course. Too much to list, so click on the link and see by yourself...
504 links

  PEUGEOT 504 Database (D):  
Michael Semmler's great 504 pages are full of 504 sales brochures, accessories, price lists, color codes, cars, photos... just too much to list. So if you need to know anything about the 504, this is the site to visit!
  Xavi's 504 homepage (E):
"One of the nicest pages about one of the best cars: PEUGEOT 504." This statement is so true. A real 504 fan's homepage.
  PEUGEOT 504 : A myth ! (F):
It's obvious that Jeff is a 504 enthusiast. There's nothing to add to the title of his excellent website. Have a look!
  Joost's homepage (NL):  
Joost's eighth 504 is a first series Coupé - and he still owns all seven: "Due to my hobby I have collected many pictures, brochures and technical documents. A part of this collection I would like to share through these pages."
  Brent's Homepage (GB):
"For every lost cause there is always a champion to defend it." The champion is Brent Lord, the "lost cause" is his 1973 504 Coupé. His site features details of all the restoration work carried out, helpful hints as well as photos. Great car, great site, great work! Still not enough, Brent also owns a 505 V6...
  Bruno Luis PEUGEOT 504 page (P):
Bruno Luis owns a 1979 504 TI, and has made up a great homepage about his and other 504s
  504 Rallye cars from Mad Mike Halley RealAutoSport (US):
"Mad Mike" Halley rallied 504s in the 1980s. Absolutely stunning pictures from this period. Mike also built a V6 engined 504 sedan... Don't miss !
  Bernds homepage (A):
Bernd owns a first series 504 Coupé among two other cars of the 1970s. Don't miss his tour with a PEUGEOT 404 to Finland via the baltic states
Jason Morris PEUGEOT 504 (NZ):
Simple, but nonetheless interesting page about a New Zealand-assembled 1971 PEUGEOT 504
1er Sitio Argentino dedicado al PEUGEOT 504:
Great argentinian site, featuring plenty of argentinian-spec 504s. Complete with history, technics, photos... etc. pages. Interesting, how those models differ from Euro-spec cars!
PEUGEOT 504 Coupé Cabrio Club (D):
The new homepage of the german 504 Coupé Cabrio Club. Photo gallery, VOLANT club magazine, meetings, sport, classifieds, event calendar, boutique plus bulletin board. A must for the 504CC owner!
  504-CC.com (F): 
French website about the 504 CC. Buyers guide, resources, photos, history, your 504 CC online...
Something for every taste!

504 Cabriolet & Coupé H. Zandvoort (NL):
"Exceptional cars for exceptional people." An enthusiasts site dedicated to the 504CC

La 504 Coupé & Cabriolet (F):
Enthusiasts homepage dedicated to the 504CC. Some pages still under construction. For the 504CC website collector
PEUGEOT 504 Coupés-Cabriolets (F):
Another well-made fansite. 504CC history, technics, data, photos, small ads, etc. Well worth a visit.
L'amicale 504CC (F):
The official l'amicale 504CC website. Very much data and information. This site is absolutely worth to bookmark, although not quite up-to-date

604 links

  Club 604 International (F):
This is THE website for the 604. Pictures, data, history and a stunning selection of model cars
  Mark Wolk's PEUEGOT 604 in New Zealand (NZ): 
This immaculate 604 is earning it's living - it is used on a regular basis for chauffeuring overseas visitors on extended tours of New Zealand
Luxusdiesel (D):
Thomas' site about luxury diesel cars: PEUGEOT 604D Turbo and Mercedes W123 and W126. Very nice pages, great style, great cars. Absolutely worth a vist!
  The 604 Experience (AUS):  
"This is the site where you are shown one of the best engineering achievements in car manufacturing by PEUGEOT: the 604"
505 links

  Christophe Leverdier's 505 site (F): 
Fantastic website about ALL versions of the PEUGEOT 505. And I mean ALL versions. This is THE site for the 505 enthusiast. Also great pics of special 104, 504 and 604
  Dangelman (F): 
You've probably guessed it: William Boney's great website covers the wonderful 505 Dangel. Plenty of photos, including William's mint 505 Dangel Grand Luxe, also some ads. Your chance to get your own Dangel!
  PEUGEOT 505 Turbo Injection (FIN):
Kari Monkala introduces his Turbo. Nice pics with the car surrounded by finnish landscape. Technical infos about the Turbo Injection, articles & brochures, design...
  Rund um den PEUGEOT 505 (D): 
Reinhold Graf's homepage is full withfantastic technical tips concerning the 505. An example? A step-by-step guide how to adapt a different sender to your infrared central locking... Most interesting if you have a 505 Diesel
  Der PEUGEOT 505 (D):
German homepage with data and pictures of the PEUGEOT 505 from 1979 - 1992
The 505 V6 Break of Jason Morris (NZ):
As you might have guessed, this homepage covers Jason's PEUGEOT 505 V6 Family Estate. Pretty neat machine!
Indonesia PEUGEOT 505 Community (RI):
"indonesian PEUGEOT 505 lover's website". Great site, with plenty of modified & tuned 505s, featuring even pratical workshop tips!
  505 Launching Pad (US):
Links to 32 PEUGEOT 505 sites. Very old site. If you are a 505 addict, you might still want to visit this page

  www.P605.de (D): 
A very different, but absolutely great fan site about the PEUGEOT 605. Fantastic design, games(!), and more. Well worth a visit!
  605 (NL):  
Everything you want to know about the PEUGEOT 605. Advice, data and pics. Choose english or dutch version of this site.
  La PEUGEOT 605! (F):  
This must be the most complete website about the 605. Everything in french, though: Gallery, technical data, prices, classifieds, forum, etc...
  Russian 605 site (RUS):
Although I can't understand anything on this 605 site, I found it still interesting looking at the photos. Maybe someone can translate it?

miscellaneous models

  Worldwide PEUGEOT Resources (US):
Jim Lill's mother of all Peugeot-pages. Classic and modern Peugeots. With the most pictures, tips, technical data, links etc. you have ever seen. Join the Peugeot mailing-list! Sadly no longer up to date
  PEUGEOT Start 4-all (NL):
PEUGEOT link page. Worldsites, clubs, tuning, wallpapers & screensavers, newsgroups. Mostly for modern models (106, 206, 306, 406), but also the occassional classic car link
PEUGEOT-Oldtimer (D):
Fantastic enthusiasts' site from Ulrich Knierriem. Loads of infos. Subscribe to a newsletter, event calender, discussion forum, classifieds, international Pug meetings, photos, data base, and much more
  Christian`s PEUGEOT page (N):
Photos of almost every Peugeot model, Peugeot history, TV spots, museum in Sochaux, literature, chat, modelcars... Don't miss.
  Hot Five OH's (AUS) :
Dave McBean's top PEUGEOT site about - well, the 50's. Loads of 504/505 modifications, photos, technical data, engine specs. Too much to list, so check Dave's pages!
  Les PEUGEOT hors série (F):
Fantastic site about Peugeot prototypes from 104 to 505! Have you ever seen a 104 Pick-up? 305 V6? 505 Limousine? 604 Rallye car? This website is a must!
The Douvrin PRV V6 Resource Centre (FIN):
The one and only website about the DOUVRIN PRV V6 engine. All data, all cars with this fantastic V6
  Classic cars of Jan & Riny (NL): 
This site takes you on a journey with the classic cars of Jan van Helvoort & Riny de Laat. The PEUGEOT enthusiast will find: 203 Bâché, 304 Coupé, 403 Sept, 404 Familiale & Cabriolet and 504 L. Enjoy browsing through the pages!
  PEUGEOT 301 (F):  
Now this is a classic PEUGEOT, I definitly want one. Models, engines, data & facts. Very basic site, lots of tables, but a good point to start when you're interested in a 301
  PEUGEOT 403 web (F):  
Beautiful site for a beautiful car. One day I'll also own a 403, promised! Site is only in frech, though.Photos, videos, Boutique, forum, classifieds...
  PEUGEOT 104 et Talbot Samba (F):
104 ZS 1124, Rallye, 104 ZS2, Roadster Pininfarina Peugette (!)... History, technique, archive, competition, meetings... Wonderful designed site!
  The Dutch PEUGEOT 104 Register (NL):
Great website for a small car! Enter your baby-lion in the 104 register of the Peugeot Club Nederland. Photo gallery, links to other 104 sites...
  PEUGEOT 204 (D):
A marvellous site, giving the 204 the attention it deserves. Pictures, road tests, data, prices(!), spare parts, clubs, even a news group
  PEUGEOT 204 (NL):  
Martijn van Waas' informative website about the restauration of a Peugeot 204 Berline and Cabriolet. Find also photos and lot of infos about Martijns 405 MI16 - and great Rallye shots...
  PEUGEOT 204/304 Team (D):
Featuring the 204 and it's successor, the 304. Get to know the team, historic data, classifieds, spares, literature... Very nice design!
  Amicale PEUGEOT 304 suable (D):  
All about the 304: Clubnews, storyboard, gallery, classifieds, buyers guide and much more...
  PEUGEOT - der Freak (A):
Richard calls himself "Lion Freak". His site features his 406, a 405, a gallery with family-owned 404, 504, 505 and a crash-gallery with - you've guessed it - destroyed Peugeots
  Stefan's PEUGEOT Page (A):
Stefan's site is about the marvellous 406 Coupé. Gallery, tuning, data, history, links and lots more!
  PeReCi Club (D):
Pe stands for Peugeot, Re for Renault and Ci for Citroen. A great site for the french car enthusiast, also featuring some services
  Löwentreffen (D):
Regular meetings of german Peugeot enthusiasts. Pictures, events diary and a news group
Amicale PEUGEOT (D):
The german internet platform for classic PEUGEOTS. History, clubs, Sochaux museum, forum, news board. Very well designed, but very old link list taken over from "Worldwide PEUGEOT Resources", Jim Lill's former site.
  PEUGEOT Club Nederland (NL):
The Peugeot Club Nederland is focused on the 104, 204, 304, 504, 505, 604, 305 and 205 models, with currently 530 members!
Home of the Peugeot Car Club of Victoria, Australia. The Peugeot Art pages are a must (see that poor 504...)! Also plenty of other interesting pictures...
  Aussiefrogs (AUS):
Aussiefrogs.com has now established itself as THE meeting place for Australians with an interest in French Cars!
  PEUGEOT Club Bandung (RI):
Club of Bandung Peugeot owners. Great pictures of tuned and modified 504 and 505 models
  www.PEUGEOTFORUM.net (D):  
Fantastic forum for everything PEUGEOT, regardless if classic or new. Loads of links, tuning, technical help, data, galleries, archive, etc. You need to understand german, though
Club Autos Miniatures PEUGEOT (F): 
The Club Autos Miniatures PEUGEOT (CAMP) website shows a mouthwatering number of fantastic PEUGEOT model cars. Join the club if you're a collector. Well worth it!
  PEUGEOT Germany (D):  
The official website of PEUGEOT Germany, recently updated with new services!
  PEUGEOT Web Ring:
A list of all PEUGEOT Web Ring sites!
S P A R E    P A R T S

  Löwendoctor (D):
The Lion's doctor has all the new-old-stock parts, used parts, accessories, help and advise you could ask for - and for all classic PEUGEOTs . I buy most of my spares from him. You can even place an online order!
  Simcat (D):
Simcat offers NOS spares mostly for, well, Simcas, but also classic PEUGEOTs
  Diemer & Dalheimer (D):
Diemer & Dalheimer does professional restorations. Check out the resto pics of a 403 Berline and a 404 Cabriolet

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