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Allracecars.com (D):
Motorsport ads worldwide - rally, historic and racing - an international marketplace for all motorsport professionals and friends. Even if you're not racing, this site is worth a visit - those beautiful and exotic cars...

André Fibier (D):
This guy is one of Germany's fastest. No wonder he was the FIA F3 Central Europe Zone Champion. This is his homepage, full of data and great racing pictures

O T H E R   M A R Q U E S

International Streamlined Tatra Site (NL): 
Paul Schilperood's website about these gorgeous cars. Features are: Cars & History, Parts & Services, Buyers Guide, Clubs & Enthusiasts, links... and much more!

Russian Oldtimers in Germany (D): 
Nice site for anyone interested in classic russian vehicles (not only in Germany). With archive, buy & sale , message board...

C L A S S I C   T R A C T O R S

  Classic Tractor Links (D): 
If you're fanatic about historic tractors (like me), this is the website to visit! Follow 56 links to fan sites from Austria, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Also links to literature, parts, brochures...
  Traktorbahnhof (D): 
Marvellous pages from Michael Keller about historic german farm machinery, like Deutz, Eicher, Hanomag, Lanz...
S P A R E   P A R T S

The home of classic car parts and accessories for British, European and Japanese vehicles. They have have been trading for over 30 years and have accumulated many parts for classic vehicles
  www.antiqueautoparts.au.com (AUS): 
All types of Parts for numerous Motor Vehicles 1900-1960's
C L A S S I C   C A R   W E B Z I N E S   /   L I N K   L I S T S

  www.automobile-portal.com (D):
One of the most extensive portal concerning automobiles. Links to more than 40.000 car pages. No doubt that you'll find your favourite marques here
  Oldtimer-Markt magazine (D):
Europe's biggest classic car magazine,with largest cars for sale section and events diary for Europe
Classic & Sports Car Magazine
The website of the well-know classic car magazine. Now with a section for classic enthusiasts to share their knowledge, natter about classics, help each other with spares and technical info and make new friends who share a passion for classic cars
  Practical Classics magazine (GB):
The essential magazine for buying, restoring and enjoying older cars. A must for the british car enthusiast. My subscription is running for years now. BTW this is not their original website, as they don't have one. Unbelieveable, but true...
  Oldtimer Links (D):
German classic car website. Links to clubs and fan sites of any marque. Event calendar, classifieds, links, stories, photos, museums, etc.
  Oldtimer.de (D):  
Another classic car site, but with frequent news update. Features event calendar, price guide, mart section, dealers, literature, insurances, musees , clubs, archive, feedback, FAQ...
  www.oldclassiccar.co.uk (GB):
Are you an enthusiast of classic cars? Rick aimed his site at enthusiasts not just in the UK but globally. The aim is to explain the pro's and con's of running a classic car on a regular basis. What to look for when buying? How to spot hidden rot? Who drives old cars and why?
  Sommaire "Epaves en Liberte" (F):
Marvellous site about sleeping beauties, which means classic cars rotting away in sheds, barns or exposed to the elements. This makes grown men cry...
  Archives Catalogues Automobiles (F):
An archive of classic car catalogues for french, german, american, british, italian and japanese marques. Some are even for sale.
  CyberSnippets: Cars (GB):
Facts, features, pictures of all kinds of cars from Abarth to Wolseley. Become an author and write a feature about your favourite classic car
  The Car Page Linkliste (D):
Car-links from A (Alfa Romeo) to V (VW), mart section, car-FAQ, camper, bikes... Add a link to your site
You don't have a classic car? Don't worry, these peolpe can help you. Rent a classic Peugeot, Renault or Citroen - for events, movies, advertising, or just for fun
  Lijnis License Plate Page (NL):
An uncommon hobby to collect license plates from all over the world, but nonetheless really interesting. See also photos like that of a german Peugeot 404 with the registration P-EU 404
  Car43 - Modelcars from all around the world (CH):
Take out your VISA card and start shopping. Everything available from A (Ashton Models) to Y (Yat Ming)