Christoph Ruppel / Pit Brodersen / Ingo Bruhn's
P E U G E O T   4 0 4   M E E T I N G
in Frestedt/Dithmarschen, Northern Germany

Tour to the North/Baltic Sea-Channel during the 1998 meeting

 Frestedt 1998

The PEUGEOT-Meeting in Frestedt is held every year since 1988 each May by Christoph Ruppel, Pit Brodersen and Ingo Bruhn. Christoph, a long-time classic car owner, is a PEUGEOT fan in particular, but also loves east european cars (he once had - among others - a Volga M21 and a Tschaika...)

Frestedt is a small rural village in the north of Germany (approximately one hour drive north-west from the city of Hamburg), where Christoph owned a former farm. The meeting took place here until 2001. The 2002 meeting was moved to a neighboured farm.

The "official" meeting is usually on a Saturday, but people are used to arrive some days earlier and to stay a couple of days. There are two reasonable priced motels in Frestedt and you can also camp on a field alongside the cars.

The number of cars is ever growing, but there should be at least 50-60 cars and 80 PEUGEOT-Fans.


Christoph's, Pit's and Ingo's meeting is announced as a 404-event, but in fact it is for all old Peugeots. Most cars as you might expect are all kind of 404s, next are 504s, but the variety of old PEUGEOT is greater: Some 402, 203, 403, 104, 204, 304, 604, 505 and J7 should always be there.

The meeting is absolutely free of charge, but don't expect any kind of program. The cars are displayed on a field, spare parts are sold, and there will be a drive through Frestedt and the surrounding landscape. Enjoy some free beer and food, but people are asked to donate a small amount.
I've been in Frestedt every year since 1994 - and I can definitely recommend this meeting! 

  17th Frestedt meet: MAY 7th 2005

On the following pages I compiled some pictures from the 1997 - 2000 (below) / 1999 & 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 meetings. Take your PEUGEOT and join us!

504 on left is my baby...
504 model range in Frestedt, 2000
404s in Frestedt 1998
404 Berline, Commerciale, Familiale, 1998
402 from Hamburg, Germany, Frestedt 1997
203 Commerciale with french number plates
203 Commerciale with french plates, Frestedt 1997