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HOW IT ALL STARTED: In spring 2001 I decided that it was time for a new every-day car. With the 505 STI taxed as a classic car, I couldn't use it on a daily basis anymore (German laws...). So the logical (?) consequence was a 2nd series 505 GTI, Turbo or V6 in top condition, and with an auto 'box and catalytic converter. But these cars are so rare over here, let alone 505s in good condition.
Eventually, I bought my dream-V6 from Ludwig Biewen with help from fellow enthusiast Lorenzo Cusumano, who owns a 1979 504 TI and a 1986 505 Turbo. Ludwig does professional conversions of 504 CC to V6 power, so without Lorenzo, my V6 would have been parted out... From 2003 on, this 505 V6 became a pampered summer car. And please don't ask, I'm not selling it.
505 V6: Unique combination of power, fantastic ride and beautiful styling
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THE KING OF THE LIONS: Fuel-injected ZN3J V6 engine, 2.829 cc, 143 bhp @ 5000 rpm (more w/o cat converter), maximum torque 235 Nm @ 2800 rpm, 9.8 s from 0 -100 kph.
My 505, model code A79, was first registered on August 16th 1989, making it one of the very last V6s. The car features the standard front grill (some of the last cars had a 3-bar grille)...
...the big REAR SPOILER (identifying feature for model year '89) and a german after-market license plate surround. At first, I did not like the spoiler, but actually it looks good on the late 505 models (maybe I'm a bit biased).
The view other drivers get from my car. Note license plate...
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Late 505 V6: Automotive Art from PININFARINA
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TRUE V6: No less equiped V6 GTI. ABS, variable PAS, four powered windows, cruise control (standard with the automatique), wireless central locking, two (!) cigar lighters, Lordosen support on both front seats, automatic interior temperature control etc. I also got an original A/C which I might fit some day.
TOURING: The late ZF 4HP22 gearbox seems to be more trouble-free than its often said and fits the car very well, let alone the higher torque when accelerating from standstill. The 505 V6 is a great car for relaxed high-speed cruising, which we tested during a 4000 km trip through France (detailed report pending).
Power to the people
INTERIOR: Luxury interior with full instrumentation, featuring even engine oil level and oil temperature. Unique leather steering wheel comes as standard on the late V6
REPAIRS I: Until now a new exhaust with new brackets and heat shield, new Michelin 195/60 R15 tyres, new trim stripes and front indicators, new fuel-, air- and oil-filters (engine and gearbox), all fluids renewed, new water thermostat, new HT-leads, plugs, distributor cap and rotor, new brake lines and hoses, and a trailer plug box.
Front spoiler stripped for painting
Dent on left side to be removed. Panel beater and paint shop did an excellent job
REPARS II: I also adjusted and repaired the LH-Jetronic, fitted new rear brake calipers and handbrake-cables, new dampers front and rear, repaired and replaced all switches, cut out the rust between exhaust and right side-panel and welded in fresh metal, had the dent on the left side panel removed and rear valance and front spoiler resprayed (the usual excellent work of my favourite paintshop JELACK, near Hamburg), cleaned the underbody and protected it with anti-rust wax, and lots of minor items were either replaced or repaired.
VOILA: What a beauty she is. Things left to do include new front brake discs, overhaul the front suspension with new bushes and anti-roll bar links (although this is not necessary yet) and maybe a part respray of bonnet and boot lid to give the car the desired "showroom" apperance. That said, I'll still have to replace some bolts, nuts, washers and brackets that show signs of surface corrosion with shiny, plated new ones.
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