A   C A R    F O R   A   N E W   D E C A D E
(PEUGEOT 505 sales brochure, 1980)

handsome body with crisp handling
My 1st series Peugeot 505 STI from early 1981 with non-original US-headlights, AMIL alloy wheels and SRD Turbo frontspoiler. All these modifications where done by me during a 3-year rolling restoration, and while I used the car on a daily basis. Now, the STI is a pampered classic and driven for fun only
505's rear end has independent suspension and disc brakes
Left badge on boot says "505", right one is "STI". No "PEUGEOT" here, let people guess... This is the view most people get from my car anyway...

What's the story so far? In need of an every day car, I purchased my 1981 505 STI (551 A14) in December 1998 for a bargain. It was a three-owner car and bit rough, but I loved it so much that I decided to keep it. It also brought back fond memories of my Dad's 505 GL I drove sometimes when 18 years old...

While clocking up 30.000 km in it's first year it needed new brakes (rear ones were seized), exhaust, Michelin TR 185 tyres, Monroe dampers front & rear and a new radiator. I also performed a rolling restauration, starting with the rotten nearside McPherson strut which had to go. Next, the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection needed very much testing and replacing, but since it works like it should.

The sunroof was replaced and overhauled, surface rust removed and some body panels replaced (matching the metallic brown paint gave major headache), window winder motors overhauled, the central-locking put to work, new rear lights fitted and most bulbs in the dash and console replaced - now all the electrickery works faultless (well, almost...). The suspension was re-bushed, along with new wheel-bearings, and new badges glued on the boot lid. I also fitted AMIL alloys and US-headlight assemblies with Bosch H1 and H4 inserts (Bosch part.no. 0301 302 101 and 0301 303 032) for better looks.
A original 80s BLAUPUNKT radio and Infinity Kappa speakers make a great period sound system.

505 is the work of legendary Pininfarina
The STI was the most expensive 505 model in 1981. My car came with all extras - except leather seats and alloy wheels. I didn't like the steel wheels, which were rusty anyway, so I fitted those Amil factory alloys
first class interior
Interior looks very 1980s with Tweed seats. I'm always looking for spare trim - has anyone something for sale? Just send me an email! The Sony CD radio has since been replaced by a period Blaupunkt one.

The performance. 10,8 s for 0 - 100 km/h means that I'm frequently the first at the lights, thanks to the torque converting effect... Top speed: 175 km/h, fuel consumption is low at 10 l / 100 km at any speed. I could live with a bit more power, but instead of modifing the STI I bought a 1989 505 V6 auto... but that's a different story.

Did you know that Peugeot won the world's first recorded auto race in 1894 ? Peugeots won a lot of races since, have a look at that  french 505 racing car on the left...

Note that roll-cage!