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1 9 7 4  P E U G E O T      B R E A K  G L

Small dent on front panel will be sorted out
A very rare cat here in Germany: This is my 504 Break GL, still in mostly original condition. Built in September 1974, it's already a 1975 model - and it startet life as a hearse! As a fast one, with XN1 engine, 1971 cc, and 93 bhp. But let's start from the beginning.
Since I became the proud owner of a 504 Berline in 1993, I knew I needed also a Break some day to keep me happy. Now the 504 Break is a rare breed over here in Germany, either rusted away or exported to Africa. You can still count the number of these cars with your fingers...
Right number plate illumination bulb has been replaced now. PEUGEOT sign still missing
Anyway, one day my friend Lars Thieme told me that he bought himself a 504 Break GL hearse. First registered on September 10th 1974 for the undertaker Adolf Schmitz near former capital Bonn, it spent obviously a hard life but remained in a fair original condition.
Some day it was sold to an unkown woman, who sold it again to a policeman. This guy parked the car in a police garage for a couple of years because his girlfriend refused to drive in it (he should have left her). Then Lars stepped in.
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Lars Thieme did most of the conversion work back to a standard 504 Break, mostly a bolt-off and -on job, but parts were and still are hard to find. After some use, the Break began to show its age, and after Lars' garage was canceled, he deceided that it had to go to a good home. I'm very grateful that Lars asked me first if I would buy it, and so I became the 5th owner.
Isn't she beautiful?
I collected my 504 Break from Lars one cold December evening. Karen (she likes the car as much as I do) drove it back the 300 km from Lars' home, and I followed both in my 505 STI. Oh what a night!
Since then, I've sorted out a number of mechanical jobs and done lots of TLC. It's not as good as new though, and it never will, because I intend to keep this Break in the best original state that's possible.
And don't ask, I'm not selling it. No way.