It's perfect. It's timeless. And it's mine...

Not everything was fine, though. Despite the car's relative low mileage, 98.000 kms when I bought it, there was rust in the lower half of the doors and surface corrosion in some other places, the dampers were tired, all tires pretty worn and it looked a bit neglected and sorry for itself.
The metallic paint had lost it's clear coat and was faded, especially on the bonnet and front wings. Being a shopping car for it's former Lady owner, it had made only short trips, which was soon causing the usual faults:

In the first two years of my ownership my 504 had to earn its living as an everyday car and was pressed in regular service (100 km a day...), so first went the hydraulics, starting with clutch master- and slave cylinders. These were replaced or overhauled, using only original Peugeot spare parts.


Next both McPherson struts were so rotten that one spring expanded while the car was on a lift, so new ones with new shocks had to be fitted. But there was much more to come...

Over the years I replaced the radiator, rear dampers, exhaust, rear bumper, fuel tank, entire brakesystem, handbrake cables, headlamps, clutch, fitted a new factory gearbox, new front wings, front mask, three new doors (along with fresh paint, also on the bonnet), a brand-new SOLEX PBICSA carburetor, did a full suspension overhaul, and renewed thousands of small items like doorhandles, rubber door seals etc.

Most nuts & bolts were replaced with stainless steel ones. I also fitted the original sticker "Peugeot fait confiance a Esso" on the rear window.

Holes in wheelarch and end of sill after contact with angle grinder and wire brush...
That's better!
Much better: New metal cut from original panels, all joints lead loaded.

504 receiving attention

preparations for painting by Stephan

Latest renovation work was inevitable when the rustspots on the right rear wheelarch and on the end of the nearside sill grew bigger and bigger.

The all-important 10th PEUGEOT meeting was only four weeks away, so I entrusted a recommended bodyshop to cut out all rusty metal and bring the car back to it's former strength. While in their workshop, we deceided to replace also the inner rear valance. Luckily I had a new factory panels in stock. These were cut to size and MIG-welded into place. Then the welding joints were all lead loaded.

When my 504 returned from the bodyshop [picture top left], only two weeks were left before the 10th PEUGEOT meeting in Frestedt took place (did I mention that before?!), so I had to hurry. I applied a couple of primer-coats, flatted them down, applied primer, sanded down wet... it took ages to prepare the panels for painting. But thanks to the lead loading, no filler was used.

Final preparations for painting were done by Stephan Sontag, pictured left while degreasing the new panels. He as a skilled sprayer was engaged to paint wheelarch, sills and rear valance. I'm very pleased with the result. Refitting the trim was simple, using new parts where necassary. A quick polish the day before the event completed the job - just in time. The jubilee Peugeot meeting was great...

click on image to enlarge
a warm day, sunset, and my baby...

Things left to do on the 504 are fully tiding up the engine bay (there's still some black anti-corrosion wax), installing the brand new spare wheel rim, overhauling the original BLAUPUNKT radio and re-upholstering the drivers seat, which is cracked.
Some day my 504 will receive a bare-metal respray, but for now I like the original look.

Over the years I've got a car that I will keep and cherish - what more can I ask for...?