My first classic car...!

For the man with the Octagon Spirit...
My 1969 MGB GT Mk II - as bought
"Those who want the most out of life get just that in the MGB GT."

I came across my MGB GT through a fellow classic car fanatic from Krefeld, Germany. He knew I was after a GT and reported that there was a car for sale at his favorite gas station, and so he sent me the picture shown above. The MG looked good (from a distance...) and all seemed fated somehow, so I bought it. That was 1991.
Finally home after 400 km on the Autobahn with no tail- or brakelights working and a long list of faults. Anyway, I thought, I always wanted a restoration project. Call me totally mad and insane, but I was quite happy and felt destined to buy and save it. Little did I know of the horrors lurking beneath...
Visit the [restoration] pages for the full story!
What a great dash with full instrumentation and no cracks, despite being an ex-US car. I like the looks of the Abingdon-pillow dash, introduced on 1 January 1968 due to american safety regulations, because of the neater instrumentation layout.
Engine bay was every bit as bad as it looks. The engine was willing but not quick. It will be overhauled & tuned anyway. Much to restore and to improve under this bonnet... Find out more about power tuning etc. in [future plans]

My car came with brand-new 60-spoke chrome wire wheels. I'll need 72-spoke wheels after all that tuning.
Closer inspection revealed more and more bodges. But I wanted a restoration project, so I set to work...
A host of horrors. After stripping the car to a bare shell, I found out why the doors needed some lifting to close properly... See the [restoration] for the full story!