"Fashioned with finesse... finished with care..."

My MGB GT Restoration, part I: Blood & Tears

Rust, rust, and erm, more rust. Front inner wings were glued in with body sealant. I scrapped them anyway. The sills were a mess, everything crudely bodged. A welding marathon was soon to begin...

MGB GT looks like a cutaway model. Radiator duct panel, bonnet locking platform, inner wings, pedal box and side panels all had to go. Shell is now ready for sandblasting
Getting there... with new metal in form of BMHT panels. Doors were trial-fitted to check alignment
This is where the sills should be. We replaced them completely, only the side members stayed in place

Out with the angle-grinder, and out came boot floor, nearside chassis leg and rear valance. A friend, who is an aircraft builder and who did most of the welding, also fabricated the radius parts under the taillights
No more rust! Last welding on the shell was done with replacing both outer wheel arch panels and both rear wings. Front wings were repaired and rust-free doors fitted. I also bought a genuine front valance with two air holes for improved cooling. Bonnet and hatch required no welding, lucky me!