T H E   C H A L L E N G E

The 604 was presented as Peugeots top model to the public at 1975's Genva salon. Styled by Pininfarina, it's sleek, clean lines make it an discrete but representative touring car. Maybe this is why the Elysee Palace chose the 604 for official use instead of the then new Citroen CX... Heuliez offered also a stretch version (5,34 m).
The first 604, named V6 SL after September '76, used the new PRV V6 engine with 2664 ccm and 136 bhp, attached to a manual BA7/10 gearbox - or available as Automatique with ZF 4HP22 'box. 1977 saw the introduction of the 604 TI with Bosch K-Jetronic (144 bhp), and STI with more luxury after September 1980.
Not the ideal project: Our 604  V6 SL (A31) came off the production line in 1978, and has since done only 144.000 kms, yet is rotten to the core. But a good 604 of this age is hard to find... Note additional Cibie fog-lights
Rotten rear suspension (a common rust spot) causes strange angle of nearside wheel. Right exhaust pipe is bend because some moron couldn't get it fast enough to the breakers yard a couple of years ago...
Before production ended February 1986 after 153.266 cars, Peugeot had extended the 604 model range with the GTI (2849 ccm/155 bhp), and some 4 cylinder Diesels: 604 D with Garrett Turbo (2304 ccm/80 bhp, the modified XD2 engine), SRD Turbo and GTD (2498 ccm/95 bhp). 604s were expensive luxury cars - but had one problem: Rust...
Our car's first owner sold it after 20 years for breaking because it was no longer structurally sound. During his ownership, the car had been quickly bodged and sprayed over. The 2nd owner, a local used car dealer, decided to sell instead of breaking it, but after one year and no other interest in this 604, he sent it again to be scraped. This is were a friend stepped in.
comfy interior, lots of space
The driver's seat.  Interior is very comfy...
PEUGEOT recommends ESSO
Period sticker reads Peugeot recommends Esso, a very rare item
Our friend Ingo, well-known by german Peugeot enthusiasts, literally rescued the car from the breakers truck. After one year of storage outside his home, it spend another year in one of his garages. While visiting Ingo in Autuum 1998, we discovered the car and one week later we returned and collected it with a trailer.
I took a deep breath when I frist saw the car...  The sills are rotten, so are the wheelarches, doors, bootlid, bonnet and sunroof. Heavy surface corrosion on every suspension part. Mountains of filler. What can I say ? It is a challenge (see headline) to restore this 604, and it will be done...erm...maybe ! Watch this space...
remains of 604 rear trailing arm
Nearside rear trailing arm was so rotten it collapsed when I moved the car despite a slightly sticking handbrake. Luckily I have a well sorted stock of spare parts, so the 604 is now back on all four wheels...
Nice place for a rest!
The 604 V6 SL as it is now. After fixing the rear suspension (see photo on left), an oil change and a quick clean this 604 awaits it's restoration in our dry garage