The AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2002
O G P   2 0 0 2   P E U G E O T   M E E T I N G
at the Nürburgring

PEUGEOTS line up during the AvD Oldtimer Grand Pix 2002 meeting: 204 Berline, Michael Semmlers 504 GL, 304 Cabriolet, a couple of 203s, 505, 504 Bimobil
Another close up shot. Note dark clouds... the usual fast-changing Eiffel weather...
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Quite a large number of classic PEUGEOTS turned up. The marque club meetings during the OGP are still very attractive
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PEUGEOT 304s and 404s for every taste. Most cars were in a remarkebly good condition, restored or even still original
A chat between enthusiasts: Lorenzo Cusumano, who showed up with his immaculate 505 Turbo Injection, and Michael Semmler. Note 202 in front
Late ('81 or so) 504 Break Hearse for sale. The boot lid looks almost identical to that of my '74 504 Break. The car was in a "easy-to-restore" condition, although I would also change dashboard and wheel covers