G A R A G E 2 4  G U E S T B O O K  III ( Feb, 18th 2002 - Oct 14th 2003 ) :  YOUR PRAISE, DEBATE, OFFERS & QUESTIONS
Datum:   14.10.2003 um 21:47:15
E-Mail:   504peugeot@web.de
Name:   Michael Semmler
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi! I'm selling one of my both Peugeot 505 V6 sedans. For further information see: http://www.mobile.de/SIDFtKT62Io5HY4Hvaq8eScrA-t-vaNexlCsAsK%F3P%F3R~BmSB10LsearchPublicJ1066163271A1LsearchPublicCCarW-t-vctpLtt~BmPA1A1B20A8f-t-vMkMoSm_xsO~BSRA6E19300C505C505A0A0/cgi-bin/da.pl?bereich=pkw&top=2&id=11111111127032018& Don't hestitate to contact me! Greetings Michael

Datum:   12.09.2003 um 23:20:13
E-Mail:   provencale@email.com
Name:   Alabama USA
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Concerning an OLDTIMER 1948 Peugeot 202 Hi, I am helping the owner of a great buy for serious car collectors. Incredible collector car 1948 Peugeot 202 for sale. Price is now US$ 10,000 only (seller may pay to deliver the vehicle) Very good condition, all parts are original, engine, sunroof, valid license... To see pictures or to get contact information go to: http://www.contactez.net/peugeot.html I do hope you can help us to find her a good home. I am not asking for a commission. Thank you for your consideration http://gift.contactez.net

Datum:   12.09.2003 um 11:59:15
E-Mail:   wrong@addres.com
Name:   ilmar
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   A superb site! Gave me additional motivation to mess around with my 1980 505 STI. My car didn't start in damp conditions and occasionally a headlight would go out. I checked the fuse box and you may guess what I found. The plastic plugs had melted, at places the circuits had separated from the printed board, etc. I cleaned the board and soldered the wires directly to it. But something went wrong. Namely, when I open the trunk or the glove compartment, the saloon lights will go on. The same happens when I try to use the cigaret lighter. When I turn on the saloon lights, the clock will stop. And the rear saloon light won't work at all. I checked the wires against the manual, everything seems alright. I have checked the wire codes about five times and I'm sure I soldered everything to right spots. Help! Can anyone think of a solution? All malfunctioning circuits go through the same fuse. But what went wrong? I know, you may suggest purchasing a new fuse board, but the local Pug reseller isn't particularily interested in messing around with old cars, as it can be seen from their price policy. Then there is another problem. The 3-shift automatic transmission is relucrant to shift up from 1-st position when cold started. It will do it, but not under 3900 rpm. And obviously I do not want to rev a cold engine. After about 2 kilometres it shifting and after 5 km everything is smooth. A gearbox stuck in the 1st gear can be a real nuisance in the morning rush hour. Advice? Other than the electrickery, rusty sunroof, broken odometer, weird gearbox, and rattling exhaust (I learned that it had been converted from a Volga exhaust - obviously because of a tenfold price difference) the car drives fine and looks nice:). Perhaps I'll post a picture someday. Meanwhile I'm keeping it on the road and preparing for 6 months of salt corrosion... ilmar, Estonia real email adress: yle[at]eys[dot]ee Avioding spam:)

Datum:   02.09.2003 um 23:47:26
E-Mail:   imprimantegentech@sympatico.ca
Name:   Dushan
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, I live in Canada.When I saw your site it's seems that I am not the only one ho loved the 505's ,604.I have a 205 gti 1.9 the only one in Canada,also have two 405 Mi16,two 505's one v6stx and on 4cyl from 1984 and finaly I had a 604 1978 v6.But i a had a big crash.I am planning to come to Europe to purchase a 605 v6 24valve and bring it here.Any help will be appricate.Thanks.Peugeot pour que l'automobile soit toujours un plaisir..

Datum:   26.08.2003 um 20:08:19
E-Mail:   chezrshea@yahoo.com
Name:   Rick shea
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   need help in repairing my transmission for a 1991 505 sw8

Datum:   26.08.2003 um 20:06:44
E-Mail:   chezrshea@yahoo.com
Name:   Richard Shea
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   First time visit,hope to learn more about my 1991 505 sw8

Datum:   22.08.2003 um 13:38:12
E-Mail:   sergioalberola@hotmail.com
Name:   Sergio Alberola
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   IMPRESSING! Your page caught my attention long time ago, but you really worked on it! Nowadays I found really interesting information... The 504 prototypes shaked me! I own 2 504 ti berline. I am Spanish. I will send you pictures and more information, just in case you feel like posting it. Just a piece of it: One of my 504 stood 14 years abandoned inside a garage (no use at all), then got a few years of use, and again abandoned 8 years. I bought it and now I have it 4 yeras inside another garage willing to have time and money to work on the engine. The rest is... NEW. (only 64000Km real)

Datum:   21.08.2003 um 21:36:06
E-Mail:   phughes@yankeegroup.com
Name:   Paul Hughes
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Excellent web site! I have one that you didn't list. I restored a 1989 405 Mi16 to new condition and love it. While these were mainstream cars everywhere else, the Mi16 was a rare bird here in the US Peugeots are very rare over here now and I plan on keeping it forever! Best, Paul

Datum:   22.07.2003 um 03:33:06
E-Mail:   n2a3z@yahoo.com
Name:   nazrul
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   i own 505gti 1989 - auto need help , any info that i can get from u for this car. Especially it's wiring diagram

Datum:   18.07.2003 um 14:53:40
E-Mail:   osamaafif@yahoo.com
Name:   Osama Afif
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great web site, with good info and lots of nice photos. Thanks.

Datum:   15.07.2003 um 14:43:46
E-Mail:   sidoline@metropolis.de
Name:   Peugeoiste
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Für die neu Hinzugekommenen zeig ichs gerne nochmal: http://www.beepworld.de/members46/peugeot_classics/

Datum:   13.07.2003 um 21:09:40
E-Mail:   excellence@hot.co.za
Name:   John Storey
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Project AFROKAIZEN seeks to re-introduce new manufactured 404's to South African buyers at ZAR65 000 per unit.

Datum:   10.07.2003 um 06:07:22
E-Mail:   pl510er@worldnet.att.net
Name:   Shin Hoshikawa
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, but moved to the U.S. in 1972. Now live in Bellevue, Washington. I have a 1987 505 Turbo SW, slightly tired but running perfect.

Datum:   12.06.2003 um 17:38:44
E-Mail:   k_schulz@nexgo.de
Name:   Kerstin Schulz
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Was oft vergessen wird: Peugeot hat auch eines der schönsten Campingautos gebaut, den J7. Mein Lieblingsdetail: Die Schiebetüren vorn!!! In Deutschland gibt es aber wohl nicht so viele J7-Besitzer? Oder doch?! Da wir auf der Suche nach einem solchen Modell sind, bin ich sehr an einem Erfahrungsaustausch interesssiert. ODER HAST DU GAR EINEN J7 ZU VERKAUFEN...??? Gruß, Kerstin

Datum:   11.06.2003 um 16:53:40
E-Mail:   peter.eliasson@sorman.com
Name:   Peter Eliasson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello! What a great site you have!!! I have a 1964 Peugeot 404 and a 1977 604 V6 SL. For the 604 I´m in desperate need of the panels under the doors (rocker panels) on both sides. They are missing completely on my car, but apart from that the car is in pretty good shape, but looks a little awkward without the panels. It has had only one owner before me. I live in Sweden and these panels seem to be hard to find here. I am very very grateful for any kind of tips where I can buy them. New or used, in any condition, even rusty. Thanks, Peter

Datum:   09.06.2003 um 20:33:41
E-Mail:   rpylinski@hotmail.com
Name:   Regina Pylinski
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I have a 1970 MGB GT for sale. It is in great condition. White with a rear split bumper. I am asking $3500.00. I have documentation of all work and repairs. Car is in excellent shape.

Datum:   04.06.2003 um 15:40:47
E-Mail:   michael.braun@sqs.de
Name:   Michael Braun
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Liebe Peugeot-Freunde,ích fahre einen Peugeot P4 von 1983,in dem Motor und Getriebe vom 505 verbaut wurden.Der Motor ist vom Typ XD3 und das Getriebe ein BA 10/4.Ich möchte gerne das Getriebe ersetzen durch ein BA 10/5,kann aber nirgendwo eins auftreiben denn den Schrotthändlern ist der Wagen zu alt,es gibt wohl nichts mehr.Könnt Ihr mir vielleicht einen Tipp geben,wo ich ein gutes Fünfgang-Getriebe herbekomme?Vielen Dank schonmal im vorraus für eine Antwort.

Datum:   27.05.2003 um 06:27:31
E-Mail:   mpacic@umich.edu
Name:   CaMIRO
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Absolutely wonderful website! Thanks so much for the opportunity to watch your work in restoring these fine cars! I own a 1981 Renault 18i sedan here in Michigan, am a big fan of French cars but unfortunately parts are quite difficult to get. One of these days I hope to pick up a 505 - or maybe even a 504, if I can find one for sale that has not been ravaged by time and the elements.

Datum:   10.05.2003 um 10:48:56
E-Mail:   sidoline@metropolis.de
Name:   Peugeoiste
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Eine kleine feine Webseite hört nicht auf, allen Neuwagenfahren Paroli zu bieten: http://www.beepworld.de/members46/peugeot_classics/ Solidarische Grüße an alle Peugeot-Gebrauchtwagenbesitzer!

Datum:   08.05.2003 um 12:51:48
E-Mail:   stolberg@nielsen.mail.dk
Name:   Lars
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   MyCar: Peugeot 505 2.2i Series2 1988" you can see it here http://www.hi-speed.dk/Lars505.html I'm interestet in a 505 V6, do you know where I can find one to buy??I'm from Denmark

Datum:   14.04.2003 um 01:55:13
E-Mail:   kim@katech.co.uk
Name:   Kim Faulkner
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Have 1987 Peugeot 505 V6 1987 Peugeot 505 V6E 1987 Peugeot 505 GTDT family 1993 Peugeot 605 SVdt All automatic Had 1986 505 V6 manual, exported from UK to Australia in 2001.

Datum:   07.04.2003 um 18:29:19
E-Mail:   harmandesign@hotmail.com
Name:   harman
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hi, i'm from indonesia, there's many peugeot's car models in there. like 504, 505, 206, 806, etc...:) still european style, i like it very much :) that car is pretty good design and comfortable, cause i have one, 505 GR year 81...:)

Datum:   27.02.2003 um 18:35:19
E-Mail:   j1santos@ucsd.edu
Name:   Jose Santos
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Looks good. I was wondering if you were willing to sell the 60 spoke wheels since you are going to get the 72 spokes. I just bought a 1970 MGBGT that desperately needs new wheels. cheers

Datum:   25.02.2003 um 15:56:27
E-Mail:   hald@xs4all.nl
Name:   henk van der ploeg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I really enjoyed your site! I own a 505 sx(1985)now for6 years. The 505 is the fifth member of my family. Later I might send you some pictures & details. suggestion: get connected with the Peugeot Club Nederland (email:gesse006@wxs.nl). A special section of the club organises each year a 505 meeting day in october. keep in touch!

Datum:   16.02.2003 um 19:13:43
E-Mail:   youssef_y_w@yahoo.com
Name:   youssef
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   i want photos of peugeot 504 gl l because there is the best that company of peugeot produced it and in my opinion peugeot 504 gl is the greatest car and i love this model only and i did not love any model of lastest version of peugeot i love peugeot 504 gl only

Datum:   04.02.2003 um 12:58:55
E-Mail:   andre.kock@gmx.net
Name:   Andre
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great website!!! Lots of info on 504 lifecycle. I'am also a 504 lover. I 'am the proud owner of a 504 berline and at the moment restoring my 504 diesel familiale. Its a shame this "car of the world" is so rare in Holland.

Datum:   19.01.2003 um 08:54:10
E-Mail:   boomop21@hotmail.com
Name:   Colin Jones
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great Site, thanx,...I live in Los Angeles and drive an '86 505 STI, 5spd,XN6 engine. The vehicle is VERY rare in L.A. but I have found a factory trained mechanic for the really hard stuff.

Datum:   19.01.2003 um 07:12:39
E-Mail:   llorca@thinkchile.com
Name:   Luis Lorca Pizarro
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, there i have a 505 SRI 1994 asembled in Chile which is the country where i live i love the car , similar to your v6, but is a 2.2 liter engine, catalitic, whith a michilin 185-80-r14 tires, still the car works fine becouse here still we can find all part original to the car. In Chile and in Argentina the car was made till 1995, and the argentinian is more rounded than the chilean which is a little more estilized, in Chile before the second series apears one that here we call 505 evolution with a 2. liter engine and a litler spoiler than the last 505 SRI-1995. before the 505 sri i have a 505 sr french made in 1987 i must said these car habe a better amortiguation than the 505 sri but is more slow, these ona have a 2.0 liter engine and is automatic. thanks for your pictures if you like i can send some of mi car seee you and bye bye :)

Datum:   13.01.2003 um 23:35:17
E-Mail:   augem@t-online.de
Name:   Peter Meindl
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Rainer, ich hab´mir die Bilder angeschaut, echt supi Dein Break! Den würde ich auch nicht verkaufen. Uns(meiner Liebsten und mir)sind die Hosen aufgegangen und Pipi in die Augen getreten! Unser alter "Joey" konnte son bischen mit´m Hintern wackeln, wenn wir wieder los sind, echt wahr! Naja, wir sind halt hoffnungslos sentimental;-). War `ne schöne Zeit! Gruß Peter& Susanne

Datum:   13.01.2003 um 08:58:07
E-Mail:   bathara_505@yahoo.com
Name:   GB Bathara
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I.m from Indonesia. Peugeot Club Bandung is club who made by me and my frien, and annouched at 1997. I love Peugeot, expecially 505 type n i have it, 505 GR, modified to 505 turbo type.

Datum:   10.01.2003 um 23:05:08
E-Mail:   info@clubdel504.com.ar
Name:   www.Clubdel504.com.ar
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   see my site, I dont write very well, I`m Argentinian. bye bye :) i hope your link for my site.

Datum:   04.01.2003 um 01:06:08
E-Mail:   steffen_kornerup@hotmail.com
Name:   Steffen Kornerup
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great website you got there!! It's always great to read about Peugeots and other fanatics. I drive an 87 505 V6 manual, and I love to drive it. I also love the classic looks of the car, a girlfriend even said it looks a bit like a Jaguar!! Keep up the good work.

Datum:   03.01.2003 um 03:18:01
E-Mail:   ap_alexander@yahoo.com.au
Name:   Andrew Alexander
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello there! Cool website! I'm from Canada (where Peugeot's are very rare) and I've recently been in Australia and owned a 1974 Pug 504 Ti. I had it the whole year and it was great mechanically, and it was the most fun car to drive!

Datum:   31.12.2002 um 10:52:39
E-Mail:   davidchen@ulead.com.tw
Name:   David Chen
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi! Nice Web site with lots of memories! Do you know where I can find a Peugeot 505 die-cast car? In fact, a 1982 Peugeot 505 TR (meaning Taiwan I think) 2.0 Litre 4-MT was my first car. My father gave it to me when I was 21. It had 60,000 km on the clock at that time. I drove it for 5 years. It was fun to drive that car! I loved it so much. But, it was severely damaged by a drunken careless driver, and I had to gave up my car. I was so sad. Now, I own a little Toyota Tercel 1.3 Litre 3AT, but I just can't foget the nice feeling whenever I was driving my Peugeot... David Taipei, Taiwan

Datum:   31.12.2002 um 02:50:41
E-Mail:   pius.rombach@t-online.de
Name:   Pius Rombach
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hallo, ich habe einen Peugeot 604 V6SL bei www.ebay.de ab 1€ zu versteigern. Bei Interesse schaut mal rein.

Datum:   08.12.2002 um 13:43:20
E-Mail:   ricmann@fiatx19.freeserve.co.uk
Name:   Ric
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi. Help needed. 1979 Peugeot 504 Ti automatic transmission. I drained the fluid and removed sump,cleaned replaced, could not put in more than 1 pint of fluid,no clutch enagement?. Removed sump again also pipes blew out to make sure no blockages,refilled with just over 1 litre,still no clutch engagement??????. HELP.

Datum:   05.12.2002 um 00:32:04
E-Mail:   rokmyong@telus.net
Name:   rok
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   78 604 sl 82 604 td 89 405s 87 505sw I love peugeot thanks you web view ps. I also own path finder and one AND only HYUNDAI GRANDUR IN CANADA BC

Datum:   23.11.2002 um 23:04:53
E-Mail:   pmunozlopez@yahoo.com
Name:   Sr. Patricio Muñoz Lopez
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   exelent site about te peugeots i will be send you photos of mi car: 504 ST-8 ensambled in Chile in 1985 (im sorry for my bad English) bye

Datum:   24.11.2002 um 06:18:06
E-Mail:   nosneb@tpg.com.au
Name:   Ralph Wilson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great site. Keep up the good work. From Wodonga, Australia.

Datum:   22.10.2002 um 16:22:34
E-Mail:   mikael.haggstrom@bigfoot.com
Name:   Mikael Häggström
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello again! I no longer own the 505Sti, but as it now belongs to my mother I get to drive it now and then. As we now have snow on the ground I kind of miss it and it's rear wheel drive. But othervice I'm very happy with it's replacement, a -01 406 Sport. :-)

Datum:   26.09.2002 um 20:07:50
E-Mail:   Wgkmg@aol.com
Name:   Gregor Kaiser
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, ich habe selber einen MG-B Roadster und bin kurz davor mir noch einen GT zuzulegen.Kann mir da irgendwer vielleicht noch Stellen nennen die zu beachten sind ( die es beim Roadster vielleicht nicht gibt und die in keinem Buch stehen)?????? Danke schon mal, Greg

Datum:   11.09.2002 um 13:46:57
E-Mail:   MGiersche@gmx.de
Name:   Matthias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hilfe! Suche 504 Limo in guten Zustand- sind die den alle in Afrika? Freue mich auf ein Angebot! Matthias ps. 504 L mit Lenkradschaltung wäre der Traum!

Datum:   07.08.2002 um 04:15:25
E-Mail:   rhohenwarter@aol.com
Name:   Richard Hohenwarter
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Thanks for producing this inspiring website. I have a '74 MGB GT (chrome bumper)in my garage waiting for completion. Seeing the nice work that others are doing is a real "shot in the arm" to get back to work! Rick Hohenwarter Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA

Datum:   31.07.2002 um 01:45:13
E-Mail:   r@betting.de
Name:   Rainer Betting
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Biete gerade meinen heiss geliebten 304 S Cabrio bei eBAy an. Bei Interesse->Adresse: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1754645044&rd=1

Datum:   02.07.2002 um 13:46:36
E-Mail:   jason@octima.com.au
Name:   Jason Judd (Australien)
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Sehr gut! Ich leibe die Seiten über das Peugeot 505. A very interesting site. Peugeot's in Australia are very different. We didnt get many of the 505 models in Australia. Only 4 cylinders. No V6's or Turbo's. I have a 1985 Peugeot 505 GTi Executive (2.2ltr EFi Auto)

Datum:   20.05.2002 um 02:55:03
E-Mail:   Meierp821@aol.com
Name:   Peter Meier
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Suche einen Kühler mit Schläuchen für den Peugeot 505 GR Break mit der Nummer:VF3551D8603149380 und dem Typ 551 D/F Bj.1988

Datum:   12.05.2002 um 22:40:57
E-Mail:   Stephen.Wehner@barra.com
Name:   Stephen Wehner
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'm selling my Peugeot 504 Injection. It's from 1970 and still in good condition. It has been running 120.000 km. The price will be about 2.500 €.

Datum:   20.04.2002 um 19:58:06
E-Mail:   zellner.andreas@t-online.de
Name:   Zellner Andreas
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hallo, die Seiten über den 505 habe ich schier verschlungen. Bin ein Riesen-505-Fan, da ich auch mal einen hatte(505 TI-Danielson, anzusehen unter www.autohaus-dallmeier.de). Will mir auch wieder mal einen zulegen (allerdings dann 2te Serie), wenns Geld mal wieder reicht. Gruß aus Bayern. Andreas.

Datum:   04.03.2002 um 14:17:54
E-Mail:   korbie@vl-brabant.be
Name:   Kurt Orbie
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hallo here Kurt Orbie Open door ath 30/31/03/and 01/02/03/04 2002 sell all the parts for peug. 504cc open 0800.u till 2300.u also e few coupé's and cabrio's to sell.info 0032/16585458 or email Adress eektstraat 51 3111 Wezemaal (Rotselaar) Best greetings Kurt

Datum:   26.02.2002 um 19:35:07
E-Mail:   juanca792002@hotmail.com
Name:   Juan Carlos Méndez Acosta
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   informaciones del 404 modelo 1969 principalmente partes mecanicas, pinturas tapizados en español

Datum:   26.02.2002 um 16:24:08
E-Mail:   m.verhaegh@nijmegen.nl
Name:   marc verhaegh
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   ersatzteilen fur 204 304 404 504 alles NEU und noch billig dazum 0031 26 4425654 beforzuge contact uber email

Datum:   25.02.2002 um 09:09:11
E-Mail:   korbie@vl-brabant.be
Name:   Kurt Orbie
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hallo here Kurt Orbie,specialist peug. 504 cc all pieces peug.504cc 1969-1983 New perfect peug. 504 cabrio 1974 perfect peug.504 coupé 1982 perfect peug .504 coupé V6 1980 For information after 20.00u 0032/16585458 or email greetings Kurt Orbie

Datum:   24.02.2002 um 22:01:01
E-Mail:   bruno_luis@hotmail.com
Name:   Bruno Luis
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Very interesting site. Visite my 504 website too on: http://www.angelfire.com/home/peugeot504

Datum:   24.02.2002 um 13:16:46
E-Mail:   jtl@sun.ac.za
Name:   Johan Loubser
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   This is a very good website! Keep up the good work. I met a German Peugeot-to-be friend here in South Africa. He contacted Club Peugeot Afrique du Sud for wanting to buy a good 404. He is now the proud owner of one of the very best 404's in Cape Town. Please put this enthusiast-to-be on your mailing list. We have warned him about the Peugeot circle of world wide friends; he now has no more choice he will become a Peugeotist!! Welcome Martin Edding. [martin.edding@eplus-online.de]

Datum:   21.02.2002 um 14:44:46
E-Mail:   mikael.haggstrom@bigfoot.com
Name:   Mikael Häggström
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   "Refound" this page when going through old mail. Had to check if my old 505 was up, and sure, there it is. :-) I no longer own it, bought a 406 2.2 Sport instead, and gave the 505 to the bank (mom that is). So it's still in the family, like it's been since -83 when it was new. Btw, I think the other 505 reported as Swedish is in fact a finnish car. The plates looks like those from Finland.

Datum:   18.02.2002 um 21:51:29
E-Mail:   cusustein@web.de
Name:   Lorenzo Cusumano
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Super!!! Deine Homepage ist ein muß für jeden Peugeotliebhaber