W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P      P  A  R  T  I  E  S
Is there a better location for a summer party than our garage? Every year we're celebrating
our garages' "birthday" with a BBQ, lots of friends and classic cars

Party 2000. Sunshine, classic cars, BBQ. What more can you ask for?
Don't mess with this SAAB. The driver may be a former Formula 3 champion
The SAAB connection and the 404
Shapes in the moonlight. No, not Hollywood but our garage's pitlane
Mika & his sweatheart among  other guests
Starring (anti-clockwise, from left): Karen, Heinz, Götz, Uwe, N.N., Mika & wife, Heiko, Thorsten, N.N, Raffael & wife, Rainer, Carsten, Stephan
2nd BBQ 1999
Stephan's Vespa misused as a BBQ decoration
BBQ buffett AFTER the first rush
What would we do without that trailer? This is the 2000 BBQ
We use a video beamer to show period car commercials, films from classic car events etc.
Le Mans starring McQueen
Guests watching the all-time favourite film Le-Mans with Steve McQueen