T  H  E      P  I  T  L  A  N  E

VOLGA M21 - no, I do not own one yet, but I want one since I saw my first Volga at a PEUGEOT(!) meeting years ago. You have a good M21 for sale? Great, send me an email...
SAAB 99 GL 5spd
SAAB 99 5spd - it took Stephan Sontag half a year, two SAAB 99 and a vast amount of money to achieve the result shown above. Shame you can't see the new brakes, gleaming suspension and the aftermarket cat converter. This car and it's restoration are worth some extra pages, so Stephan is working now on a Saab 99 website
Citroen ID Break & Peugeot 504 L - get me a time-machine
PLAYING - On a warm summer evening, Stephan and I simulated a french country road during the 1970s with a CITROEN ID Break and my PEUGEOT 504 L. We had great fun...
The man and his machine
FIRST CAR - Take your VW Beetle and abandon it in your garden for four years. Then come back, unlock the doors, start it and drive away. This is exactly what Stephan did with his first car. Now the trusty VW is kept in dry storage at a former army base until it's time for restoration
"Not bad, but I still remember that Ferrari V12..."
SUPER SPORTS CAR - SAAB-fanatic Götz Welge relaxes after a blast with a 1997 PORSCHE 993 S. 284 bhp at your right foot...
summer of '96
ENTHUSIASTS - A tinly litte meeting on a warm summer evening is part of the fun owning a classic car. Pictured here is Karen Fülle's PEUGEOT 404, accompanied by three PEUGEOT 504
Zündapp Combinette and Vespa 50 special(s)
ZÜNDAPP Combinette Type S 423 (1958) and two Piaggio VESPA 50 special (1978 and '79) outside our garage. The left two belong to Stephan, the right one is mine.

TRACTORS & CATERPILLARS - I admired pre-war and '50s tractors and classic caterpillars for long enough now on special events like Brokstedt LANZ BULLDOG meeting in northern Germany... I need one soon. This is a 1940 HANOMAG K50
Another claasic caterpillar, seen in Brokstedt 2002: FAMO Boxer in great original condition. I'd have one, please