I  N  S  I  D  E    O  U  R    W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P

My 1969 MGB GT
M G B   G T - kept warm and cosy during its final assembly. Roll-out will be in 2002 - with fully overhauled and uprated suspension!
1983 SAAB 99 GL 5spd
E X T E N S I V E  restoration work carried out on Stephan Sontag's 1983 SAAB 99 GL. Car was stripped to the bare shell and rebuilt in just six months...
HAZET Assistent
T O O L S  - when you're working on a regular basis, it is a wise decision to buy high-quality tools. They might be expensive, but last very much longer, are more precise, you can get spares for them (most come with a long guarantee anyway) and you've much more fun when using Hazet (german manufacturer with a long tradition) or Kraftwerk (swiss made, say no more).

garage24 action pic
R O O M  - also for long-time restoration projects. You can't ever have enough space. We have four places to work on the cars, three for longterm projects, the other for minor work [right above] or car-cleaning . Two places are steadily occupied by Wim's Mercedes and my MG...
Stephan during chill-out
R E L A X I N G  - Stephan Sontag taking a rest after some "hard work". Yes, we actually use our garage all day long...
garage24 action pic
N O   C O M P R O M I S E S  - this Triumph derived SAAB engine was painted in its original colour after the rebuilt. That's me fitting a new crankshaft seal
H Q - All you need to fix your car: Workshop manuals, catalogues, computer, microfiche, microwave, fridge
B A N N E R S - we couldn't resist fitting some old signs. This original PEUGEOT dealer sign is self-illuminating...