S L E E P I N G    B E A U T I E S

Classic cars rotting away are always a sorry sight. The pictures no. 3 - 7 on this side were taken in 1998 on a field that seems to be a PEUGEOT-graveyard in Germany. You don't see many things like this these days: About five 504 sedans, two 504 Break, four 404 sedans, two 404 Break, three 403 sedans, two 3-litre BMW, an old Mercedes S, some Alfas, Opels and tons of PEUGEOT spares are exposed to the elements or under the remains of a barn.

The cars had not been struck by vandals and most would had made worthwhile restoration projects or at least yielded lots of spares. Sadly, despite they would have sold for quite a price, no car was for sale. Even more sad: The site has been cleared since, and I was unable to save more than a boot-full of parts... This makes grown men cry.

Rust in Peace...
These two 404s, a sedan and a french Commerciale, are kept safe from the elements. The Break is driveable, wearing still french plates and tax disks
Spiderwebs and dust inside another 404 Commerciale
An '81 504 TI automatique with double headlamps, which were used in Germany only on '76 TI models
This is a 1969 (!) 504 sedan, still without the air-outlets in the C-pillar. It drove from France to this place some 15 years ago. There's not much metal left - and some kind of tree grows between tow-bar and rear valance...
Two 403 sedans keep each other company. In the background an east-german Wartburg is gathering dust.
404 & 504 Break
An atmospheric shot for an Armageddon movie ? 404 sedan, nearby a 504 Break.
Unlucky 404
Sad but true...
504 Coupe, 204 Sedan, 2x 505 Break
Also Germany, but a different place. Two 505 Break, a 504 Coupe and a 204 sedan are kept for spares.