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My MGB GT Restoration, part II: No more welding!

Eventually, the GT takes shape...

This is the hard-working Stephan Sontag
That was close! Approximately 4:30 a.m., the night before the MG is going to the paint shop, my mate Stephan Sontag has just tightened the last bolts.

Ready for the spray shop (Left). By this time you begin to realize that you've finally finished all welding... no more rust on the floor, no more grinding dust in your eyes, no more underseal to scrape off the floorpans... I felt almost like in heaven...

Back to bare metal - the grey primer I used to protect the shell during restoration work had to be removed. Front valance is bolted on to check fit
After achieving an almost perfect panel alignment (for a british car...), all joints were lead loaded... The door gaps were hard to get right, as the doors came from a donor car

The MG was mounted on a self-made jig, then sprayed with several coats of epoxy-primer. Doors, bonnet and hatch were done separately. No filler was used!
After every coat of epoxy-primer, black overspray was used to show any imperfections when sanding down the coats