How to stop an MGB GT by uprating the brakes...
How to stop an MGB GT

With a 1950 cc Stage 2 or 2100 Stage 2 engine, there's no alternative to upgrading the brakes. Why? It makes no difference how quickly your MG will accelerate if it can not stop...

Front Brakes

For improved braking efficiency, which is essential for either 1950 cc or 2100 cc cars, my MG will receive the two pot calipers of original MGB GT V8. These should fit without modifications. Brake discs will be the 273 mm diameter discs (non-ventilated, thickness 12.8 mm), but drilled to improve cooling and to prevent brake fade under extreme conditions. The future will tell if I need harder brake pads or if I can stay with the standard pads.

Rear Brakes

No dramatic changes here: The rear brakes will be updated with TAROX slotted brake drums.

GT V8 drilled brake disc
these discs will look great through the wire wheels...

Master Cylinder & Servo

Although my car came with a brand new master cylinder, a new master cylinder with brake servo of a late MGB will be installed.


Copper brake lines, and braided stainless steel brake hoses for better feel to the pedal (and better looks...) will finish the work on the brake system.

TAROX slotted brake drums
I need new rear drums anyway...

The Book

If you think of improving your MGB like I do, Roger Williams' book "How to improve MGB, MGC & MGB V8" will be very helpfull. It covers engine, suspension (with interesting independent rear suspension solutions), braking, bodyshell, interior, electrics and much more.

SpeedPro Series, ISBN 1-901295-76-1


by Roger Williams