R E N O V A T I N G   K A R E N ' S   

A   B R I G H T   F U T U R E    F O R    T H I S    P E U G E O T   ( I )

showing it's age
AFTER 30 YEARS OF USE, Karen's PEUGEOT 404 was begining to show its age: Surface rust on the front panel, around the headlamps and indicators - quite common on 404s. The rest of the body needed some attention to keep rust at bay. But: No holes, no need for welding-gear!
AS THE CAR WAS OTHERWISE in an exceptional good original condition, we decided to do only renovation work (no complete restauration!). The paintwork was carefully polished after all trim had been removed, and we mounted brand new sill panels.
The rims were shotblasted and painted in the correct shade of silver (inner side black), along with the brakedrums which where finished in heat-resistant black.
get to work !
getting better
AFTER ALL SURFACE RUST HAD BEEN REMOVED, the car received new paint below the headlights, on the front panel and under the rear bumper. The colour was matched with the help of a spectral analyser. Then Stephan Sontag did a great job with the spray gun. For the reassembly we used new stainless steel nuts & bolts, new headlights, door seals, various bushes and plenty of other smaller items which where sourced through local 404-guru Jörn Haarmann.
THE RADIO, which had been crudely installed in the dashboard found a new place under the dash, without(!) drilling new installation holes. Also the clock is now working again. The engine runs beautifully after the timing was set correctly. New plugs, air filter, contacts and distributor cap & arm did help anyway. A bit of work on the mechanical side - and Karen's PEUGEOT 404 is ready for the next 30 years...
new shiny paint

This is NOT how we did it...

Obviously this is a 404 in the first picture! Taken from: Olive et Marcus, A.Sol95, AUTORETRO No. 204
Olive et Marcus par A.Sol (Autoretro No. 204)