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This mint 505 Dangel was photographed in the streets of Paris by Frédéric Robert
This must be a late example, judging from the form of the rear mirrors and bumpers. Note strange alloy wheels
Also Paris, but just a "simple" 505 GR, although in very good condition. I took this picture in February 1999 when visiting the Retromobile exhibition
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5 years later, when visiting Paris in 2004 during the Retro, as every year, we found this immaculate 2nd series 505 TURBO in a parking lot in the Bois de Bologne
In an underground parking lot near the Opera, we spotted this fantastic very early STI. Although neglected and pretty dented, it was entirely rustfree!
With some new panels, a paint job and attentention to the mechanical side this 505 could be saved. As it appeared to be standing quite a while, it might be for sale. E-mail me for the location
Andi, who owns a 1985 505 GRD Break and a 1987 505 GTI, took the following photos during his France-trip 2003 (with a 3 series BMW... Surely next time he will take one of his 505s back to their home country). Pictured above is 2nd series 505
Very early 1st eries PEUGEOT 505. Note front grill (used until 1982) and non-standard 504CC/604 steel rims
A Vendre: 2nd series 505 for sale. Your chance - email Andi for the location...
Well-used 1st series 505 professionally parked on a supermarket parking lot
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Despite bend rear bumper, this GRD looks stunning. Note towbar and period alloy wheels
Even driving a 3 series BMW through France is not that bad if you spot a 1st series 505 in the mirror
One of the few 505 Breaks Andi spotted during his trip, all driven by smiling people. "I'd also be happy if I would be driving that Break" says Andi - to that time still Break-less
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Another 2nd series 505 Break with roof rack in an almost romantic scenery
This was once a 1st series PEUGEOT 505, on display during a GTI meeting. Note all the front / side spoilers, front grill, bonnet buldge...
... double-mid exhaust and rear spoiler. The later could be taken off a Formula 1 car...
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Farid from France has this immaculate '86 505 GTI in his collection, converted to use of LPG (liquified petroleum gas)
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Note LPG filler cap on right side panel, golden alloys, exhaust cover and roof antenna. Note also the fantastic condition of this car
Comfortable leather interior, with wood applications
The boot space is occupied by the LPG tank, but as the 505 has a rather big boot capacity, this is no matter
Your PEUGEOT 505 featured here... Just submit a photo and some info