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Bondan Adi Nugraha from Indonesia sent me these pictures of his PEUGEOT 505, taken during a PEUGEOT Club Tour. Unfortunately, his email got erased.
Bondan, if you read this, please contact me again!
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Bondan Adi Nugraha's 505 with US-style tail lights and bumper
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PEUGEOT Club Tour. I can count at least seven 505s
PEUGEOT 505 line-up
Something special: M. Indarto's 1987 505 GTI with some exterior modifications...
18" alloys and 225-40-18" tyres, US rectangular headlights, wide rear spoiler, New Look grille with Peugeot 406 badge, and finally BMW M-40 side lights. Oh, and don't forget about the paint job!
I spotted this 1st series 505 on the parking lot of the Oberoi Hotel on Bali, 2002. It might belong to a staff member and features double-round headlights...
... non-original alloys, chrome plated filler cap door, b/w rear spoiler, a "France" and a "Harley Davidson" sticker. This 505 was in good condition
One night I saw this 505 in the streets of Kuta, Bali. It's a 2nd series car, with US bumpers and side-lights, and also tinted windows.
It has quite a dent in the left rear panel, and seems to be a bit neglectet, but nothing some TLC wouldn't put right. Lovely car for a great island
I found this tuned 505 on the pages of the PEUGEOT Club Bandung.
Another PEUGEOT 505 from the same club / website, also tuned to a high standard
Batara's '83 PEUGEOT 505 GR. Note US-headlights and neat alloy wheels, a tight fit with the lowered suspension. Great work!
Hadi Taruna from Jakarta is a member of the JAKARTA PEUGEOT CLUB, a 505 fanatic and the owner of this beauty...
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Hadi's 505 GR features 18" alloys wheel with Toyo Proxes 215/35 tires, US-spec headlamps, the front suspension has Monroe oil shocks with standard coil springs...
...while the rear suspension stayed original - apart from MERCEDES-BENZ coil springs!
Original interior (including tape), but tachometer from Autogauge with shiftlight!, and Fitifaldi steering wheel
Now the engine: * MSD 6A ignition * MSD Power Blaster 3 Coil * MSD 8.5mm spark plug cable * Bosch Platinum spark plug * Electric fuel pump MItshuba 5Psi * Header 4-2-1 with free flow mufller...
Another well-tuned 505 from Jakarta, owned by Sani Obsidian. While Sani kept engine and automatic transmission standard, he fitted 18" Lenso alloys with Toyo Proxes 245/40 tyres, and US-spec head lamps.
The interior: Tasty leather seats, electric sun blinds, sound system Pioneer single disc DEH-P4350, x-over coustic xm3c, sub-wofer JL Audio, speaker 3-way, mid-range & tweeter from Pioneer. Well done.
This 1983 505 GR used to be the car of Wijanarko's father. When he deceided to sell it, Wijanarko from Bandung, stepped in. This is why the registration B 461 WK means something special to him. In Indonesia, B461 = BAGI has the meaning of "giving someone a gift", and "WK" are Wijanarko's initials. So the car's number plate says a gift to Wijanarko (from his father)"...
Wijanarko uses his 505 also to carry his bike, another hobby. In August 2003, the GR went to the paintshop to be painted in President Blue, folowed by some restoration work like new door seals.
Eko Setiansyah, from Jakarta, Indonesia, an ex-owner of an 1975 PEUGEOT 504 GL, introduces his new toy, a 1982 PEUGEOT 505 GR
Eko did of course modify his 505 quite a bit: XN-1 1971cc engine with Solex carb, fitted with an viscous fan from 505 Gti, wheel hub PCD changed from 140 to 108, and the 15" 406 steel rims with cover come with Bridgestone Techno GX-60 205/60R15. Eko also installed a 405 Sti steering wheel, a 405 Sr Antenna, and 405 Sr/Sri door mirrors
Next on Eko's list is an engine overhaul, along with a new carburettor, some body work,17" alloy wheels, and last but not least a leather interior
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