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PEUGEOT 505s are a common sight in Beijing's streets (the first character on the number plate means "Beijing"). Sedans and wagons can be seen in equal numbers and most are well cared for. Some cars look rather european ...
...except the badge, of course ! I took all these photos during the summer 2000...
This was the last model to be produced in China. It is named 505 SX2 and features the well-known 504 Amil alloy wheels
Rear spoiler of the late 505 V6, unique number-plate surrounding and badge
This immaculate wagon shows the unique chinese front grill, as found on later cars
One night, I came across this 505 GR Dangel 4x4. Luckily, I was able to buy a QuickSnap camera nearby to take these photos. Only the flash didn't work that good...
What a gorgeous car ! I want to take it home, clean it, polish it, fix it, drive it, love it... The marks on the bonnet are raindrops
Black number plate (means "foreign related") with red character meaning "embassy" indicate that this car might belong to the french embassy
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This 1991 505 belongs to Buergude, who is an Editor-in-Chief of an automotive styling magazine. So the most important reason that made him choose a 505 is that it's designed by Pininfarina, "and Pinin's design makes it timeless"
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Buergude found his PEUGEOT in a 2nd hand car market, looking just like an old French Gentleman, much more elegance than any other cars in China