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Wim Beerten owns two PEUGEOT 505s: A daily driver '88 GRD, featured on this page, and a '89er GTD turbo awaiting restoration.
Here comes a great story: The GRD with XD3 engine and 76 bhp was bought new by Wim's father, who owned a '83 GRD before. After a gearbox failure at 160.000 km, the car was fixed by the dealer while still under guarantee. Unfortunately, the car dropped from the lift during the repair, so with the money from the insurance company, Wim's father purchased a new 405. Wim, then only 17 years old and already a true 505 enthusiast, bought the car back...
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...and repaired rear wing and bonnet, and had the GRD completely resprayed. Of course, the gearbox was fixed, and in went a new clutch. After a year waiting for his driver's license, Wim started using the car.
This was 1993 and now the trusty and still immaculate looking 505 has 374.770 km on the odometer, without any relevant repairs and still the first front brake discs! The engine uses 1.5 litres oil / 5000km, and 8 litres Diesel / 100 km, although driving an old Diesel in Belgium is very expensive, says Wim.

Now let's wait for the restoration story of the GTD turbo!