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This 505 from 1986 is owned by Ron Teichner from Haifa, Israel. It has a XM7A engine with 1796 cc and Solex carb, giving a healthy 90 bhp. Ron drives about 10.000 kms a year mostly in the city, which lies on a mountain, where the car consumes about 13.6 liter / 100 km gas (7.3 km / liter). On the highway, Ron manges to get down to 9 liter / 100 km. Top speed is 172 kph.
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Ron says he had to work hard on his 505: The car used to get hot in the summer traffic, so he cleaned the radiator and installed an electric fan. He found his 505 also to be very noisy; glueing a thick rug between the engine and firewall did the trick here. Ron then replaced the starter twice after knocking on it all last winter to start the engine...
Very comfortable, and a pleasure to drive: Interior of Ron's 505 with (working) A/C.
Ron: "I wish to keep my 505 forever, my goal is to reach 30 years which in Israel counts for an 'antic' vehicle".