w o r l d w i d e : B A H R A I N

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Janitha, who's currently residing in Sri Lanka, sent me these pictures of his father's car in Bahrain. The 505 is an early carburettor model, chassis number is VF 355 1A 13E 1662945. It's done more than 200.000 km, with respect to the reliability this car has been showing its age and quite a lot of problems have happend, says Janitha.
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Before this 505, his father had a beautiful metallic green 1978 504 GL with blue interior. That car had air conditioning and it was because of this 504 Janitha fell in love with PEUGEOTs, especially 504s and 505s.
Same thing with me, Janitha...
Anyway, the car looks sound and straight, and the interior survived also well. Note dark brown colour of dash and seats. Obviously, this 505 is an automatique.