w o r l d w i d e : A U S T R A L I A

The two PEUGEOT 505 on this page belong to Nick and his best friend. Nick owns the 1982 505 GR. It has the 1971cc XN1 engine (carb'd) and a 5spd manual gearbox. It was actually built in Australia (Nick says all 505's sold there from 1980-1983 were built in Australia). The other 505 is a 1st series 1985 GTi Executive. It looks similar to the turbo model sold in America and Europe (Australians never got the Turbo or the V6) and has the 2165cc ZDJL engine.
The GR is sitting on the standard 14" rims and Michelin 185/80 tyres. Nick thinks they look like truck tyres compared to the GTi's 15". Instead, he'd like to put the Amil alloy wheels on his 505. He also will be installing the anti-sway bars off a GTi on the GR to make it roll a bit less when cornering...
The 1985 GTi Executive came standard with leather seats and a sunroof as well. Note electric rear windows and fantastic dashboard cover!
The GR's interior, already with digital clock. Note Tweed seats and electric windows.
The parents of Nick's 505 GTi-owing friend have this 505 SR Estate.
It has the same engine as Nick's GR, however this one has the 3spd ZF autobox. Note gleaming paintwork, bonnet deflector and additional headlights.