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Magnum-grey 1988 505 GTI from Olaf Tietz and silver 1986 505 Turbo Injection from Lorenzo Cusumano...
...and vice-versa, proving the PEUGEOT 505 looks great from every angle. Note additional fog-lights on Olaf's GTI and both number plates
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Lorenzo's Turbo Injection N9T is pretty close to concours condition and therefor a rare beast. Like the V6, this is the king of the lions: 167 bhp (no catalytic converter), 260 Nm max. torque, 210 kph top speed from 2155 cc helped by a Garrett turbo
Still in good nick despite its age. Same can be said about the car. This is my friend Lorenzo, who also owns a rare special-edition 504 TI and a 605 SV 3.0 auto
Also in almost top condition is Olaf's 505 GTI, now fitted with the later 6J15 alloy wheels. 2165cc ZDJL engine, 115 bhp, max. torque 174 Nm, 178 kph top speed.
This 505 V6 has been treated to a front spoiler, fog lights, bonnet vents, central windscreen wiper and door mirrors in body colour
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This late 1983 505 GTI belongs to PEUGEOT enthusiast Joachim Kaiser. The GTI appeared first in the '84 model year. Note the foglights
Joachim's 1st series GTI has the 2165cc ZDJL engine delivering 123 bhp, a top speed 185 km/h, and a limited slip diff. Tow bar is practical add-on
This car has the original steel rims, but I'm not sure about the plastic wheel covers. I think those were introduced 1985. However, alloy wheels were always available as an extra.
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Martin Libera's PEUGEOT 505 Break GL
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Another 505 GTI! This 1987 model was bought by Karen Fülle from its 1st owner. Garaged and always serviced by PEUGEOT, it came with all bills (!), original radio, and has 143.000 km on the clock. This ZDJL engined car has a cat converter and 115 bhp.
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The car came with steel rims and original plastic hupcaps, but these will be replaced by alloys. We installed already an original PEUGEOT leather steering wheel (thanks to Lorenzo), which gives a good 10bhp more, says Karen
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Apart from a dent in the right front wing, Karen's GTIis in rare mint condition. There were only minor things to fix: All it needed was a new exhaust end pipe, new sun visiors, and some bulbs in the instrument panel
Karen's 505 GTI, sandwiched here between Lorenzo's Turbo Injection and my V6, is used in the summer only
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Michael Semmler's 1987 505 V6 auto. Michael became a PEUGEOT enthusiast through the 504. After purchasing an immaculate 504 GL, the logical consequence was to buy a 505 V6 as an everyday car. After pouring loads of Euros into his new toy...
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...Michael came across a better example of the rare V6: The car featured here. After selling his first V6 to a swiss enthusiast, Michael has now the funds to bring this beast to showroom condition - what he will surely do...
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...despite buying another car, a PEUGEOT 104. I fear Lorenzo's and my influence is not good for Michael...
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Pre-'89 rear view of the 505 V6. Micheal got his car serviced by PEUGEOT 504/505 specialist Ludwig Biewen
Comfortable and well-stocked interior, also in good condition.
Bosch LH-Jetronic-injected ZN3J V6 engine, 2.829 cc, 143 bhp @ 5000 rpm, max torque 235 Nm @ 2800 rpm. It sounds so sweet...
Andi, owns a 1987 505 GTI - and bought this 1985 505 GRD Break, first registered 22.02.1985, for company. Pictured here "as bought", dirty and with dull paint - but its a very good basis
Andi accquired his latest toy from its 2nd owner, a dentist, who put 110k km on the clock - in addition to the first owner, who only drove 55k km since 1999. The car is not exactly rust-free, but this can be tracked down to the area around the fuel tank and one wheelarch. BTW the colour is dark metallic blue, just in case you won't notice through all that dirt and dullness
Transformation. Andi put lots of effort into his 505 Break, and here it begins to show. After a full service, and with 15" rims (from the sedan) instead of the original 14" ones, the Break looks just great
Finished. With a gleaming 505 GRD Break, Andi starts chasing other 505s, which are a seldom sight here in Germany these days. This is Mr. H. from E. 's 1982 GR Break, hand-painted, but with new sills. Now Andi wonders if 505 + 505 equals 1010?
1st seriesPEUGEOT 505 as german Police car in Saarlouis. Found this on www.polizeiauto.de
This is a 2nd series hearse. Note special boot lid
Take your last journey in a PEUGEOT 505. Nice thought anyway...
One of two 505 hearse recently for sale in Germany
Your PEUGEOT 505 featured here... Just submit a photo and some info