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These two 2nd series PEUGEOT 505 would win any Pride of Ownership prize. Edward Ho from Taiwan is the lucky owner of these beauties, a 1987 505 GTi (2165 cc), and a 1986 505 SL (1971 cc)
The GTi pictured above is a gift (!) from his brother and has about 120,000 km on it. Edward: "When my brother bought this car new in 1987, I thought he was nuts. For the same money, he could have purchased more familiar and popular makes. That kind of thinking persisted until he handed me the keys to the 505 in 1995. All I can say is Nothing drives like a Peugeot 505".
The SL was purchased in June 2000 for little money. It has 310,000 km on the odometer but Edward says it still drives like a charm. He is the third owner of the SL and it had gone through three coats of paint. The original color was beige/gold, then it was re-painted red. Edward didn't like the red color but the car was in such a good shape that he immediately had it sprayed in PEUGEOT 605 dark blue after purchase.
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For daily driving, Edward takes either the GTi or the SL, both handle superbly. Edward: "I pamper them and in turn, they have not given me much trouble."
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Lots of memories here... This is David Chen, from Taipei, Taiwan, pictured with his first car, a 1982 PEUGEOT 505 TR 2.0 litre. His father gave it to David when he was 21.
The 505 TR had 60.000 km on the clock at that time. David drove it for 5 years."It was fun to drive that car! I loved it so much." But, it was severely damaged by a drunken careless driver, and so had to gave up his beloved PEUGEOT. "I was so sad" says David.

Note special alloys...
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Now, David owns a little Toyota Tercel (I'm really sorry for you), but just can't forget the nice feeling whenever he was driving his PEUGEOT 505... My suggestion: Get rid of the Toyota, and look out for another 505 in good nick.