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Every 504 enthusiast's dream car: Pictured here is a super-rare beast, a PEUGEOT 504 Double-Cabin Pick-up. Jörn Haarmann went through great efforts to take these pictures, as the owners were not so pleased...
This 504 DC Pick-up is dented, badly rusted and neglected, but still looking impressive. Note AMIL alloys - unusual for a Pick-up.
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My understanding is that the 504 Double-Cabin Pick-up was manufatured in China only, but this car's C-pillar design differs a bit from the chinese 504DC.
Is this Srithepthai-badged car a one-off, a design variation or a special Thailand-version?
Modern and ugly 504 RHD dashboard.

If anyone knows more about this 504 DC type, please mail me!

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