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This 1983 504 GR belongs to Harshan Senadhira from Sri Lanka. Actually, there are lots of PEUGEOT 504s in Sri Lanka. The reason was that the government had imported lots of 504s in the 1970s for all govenment purposes and for diplomatic use, says Harshan. So the 504 is still a very common vehicle considering it's age. Harshan noticed that few people aware about it's performance and comfort, and that apart from very few exceptionals, none of them are in good condition...
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Obviously, Harshan's car is one of these exceptions. He just loves it and never thinks of selling or moving to another model. Now this is the right standpoint! Note PEUGEOT mud flaps and badges on Harshan's 504.
Cars in Sri Lanka are RHD. Otherwise, this is a typical late model year interior. Note A/C below the instrument panel.
Front view of Harshan's 504, with fog lights and additional electric cooling fan
This read beauty belong to an fellow PEUGEOT 504 enthusiast from Sri Lanka
Harshan Senadhira kindly took also some 504 photographs around the city Colombo.
Same car, from a different angle. Must be one of those few exceptionals in good condition.
Battered 504 Break used by an undertaker (to transport coffins?). Note hearses left and right.
Dismantled 504 Berline gets a new paint job. Another 504 saved - surely worth it. Note Ford Anglia in the background.
Not restorable anymore is this sad 504 Break, although it might yield some useable parts...
...or so I thought. Well, would you believe...
...that this is still the SAME car?
Harshan says the 504 Break is restored to a fair condition. Another one saved!
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