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This is a 1973 TI Automatique in great condition, converted to run on LPG (liquid gas). It just got a "new" used engine and serves as an every day car in summer
Driving a classic car in the Netherlands is inexpensive, road tax and insurance sum up to only 50. Photos from Lorenzo Cusumano
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Stuart Bird took this photo of a dutch 1st series 504 during a Peugeot meeting. Paint is a bit dull but the 504 seems to be in sound and original condition
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Wim van Boekel from Waalwijk deals with an impressive collection of classic PEUGEOTS. For a start, here are two of his 504s: Pictured above is a 1973 GL with, let's say unusual, wheel covers and mud flaps...
This early 504 Break SL is also part of Wim's collection, as is the Berline in the background.
This 1976 504 GL is for sale at the Garage de l'Est, which sells classic cars. This 504 has obviously been restored. Looks great, but quite expensive
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I found this immacualte 1973 TI also on the Garage de l'Est website. My house, my car... if only!
I have no connection to the Garage de l'Est, but I've never seen such a vast number of great-looking 504s for sale elsewhere. That's why we have here another car for sale, a 1973 504 GL.
Photomodel: This beauty is owned by Pieter van Asten, a long-time PEUGEOT-driver (first 404, then 504), and was the "covergirl" in the Auto en Motor techniek issue of June 2001
The model is a 504 GL automatique (A13), built in October 1976, and still with matching numbers. Pieter owns it since February 1993 and had it sprayed in Bleu regence metallic. The car is also on its orginal dutch license plates (19-NL-98).
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Pieter van Asten's immaculate 504 GL poses in front of the museum. Use this photo as a wallpaper on your PC...
Albert drives PEUGEOTs since 1990, had a 504 Familiale, a 505 Break, a 504 Berline and now this Break. Here are two pictures of his 1971 model. Actually it's the same car shown on this page, 4 pictures above this photo! [... early 504 Break SL, part of Wim's collection...] Three years after the mentioned photo was taken, AlbertI bought the Break from Wim and did some 80.000 kms with it since.
It's a great car, says Albert, being used every day as his family car. It has been to Hungary and three times to southern France for the hollidays. Albert raised the suspension and put on bigger 205 x 14 transport tyres for a better, Dangel-like look

Albert, somehow I lost your email-adress, so please contact me again if you read this!
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