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Battered pre-1974 504 takes a rest in Santiago de Chile. My parents took these pictures while on a South-America trip...
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Note 604 rims, and the left front wing separating from the car
Eduardo Quiroz owned this 1980 504 2000se with a 2000cc engine five years ago. This is his brother sitting on the bonnet. It was Eduardos first PEUGEOT before his mother sold it. He now owns a 1993 505.
This nice-looking 504 ST-8 2.0 is owned by Patricio Andres Muñoz Lopez, and lives in Traiguen, in the South of Chile (about 670km away from Santiago)
Patricio's 504 Break shows a modernized design: Note plastic bumpers with position lights / indicators...
...front grille and door mirrors. There are more changes to the interior and under the bonnet...
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Patricio also mailed me this picture from an chilenian PEUGEOT 504 owners manual. Among other options, this car features a 5-speed gearbox and powered front windows

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