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Juanma Herrera from Spain took this picture of his 1979 504 GL during his honeymoon in 1995. He was travelling around half Spain from the South to the North. Currently the car he inherited from his father is awaiting some TLC
Arrested 504 in Spain... I spotted this poor car near Alicante (Costa Blanca). It's kept by the owner for spares for his second 504
504 Tenerife
504 earning it's living on Tenerife, snapped by fellow 504 fan Lars Thieme
504 Break Taxi on duty. This is also Tenerife, photo by Lars
This 504 Break looks very sound, it's also living on Tenerife. If only I could get my hands on it...
This car from Barcelona took part the PEUGEOT meeting in Sochaux, 1.-2. June 2000. Photo again by Lars Thieme
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Jose Miguel Ruiz' car is a 504 GL 2000, manufactured in 1978 in Vigo, Spain! It has got 290.000 km on the clock, but is eagerly used by Jose, who lives in the Basque Country near San Sebastian, in Regularity-Rallyes.
Sergio from Spain owned two PEUGEOT 504 TI - but just for a while. To keep this blue car alive...
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...Serigo had to use the 504 shown above as a spares car, although it looks pretty sound to me. Note rear antenna and tow bar
Stripping down. The front had seen some accident damage, but I can spot no rust. Now be brave...
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The 504 - or what's left of it - on the way to the crusher
This makes grown men cry, but at least it gave his life for another 504. We'll learn more from Serigo's other 504 soon
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