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1977 504 L in GERMANY is owned by Birger Pratsch, who imported it from France a couple of years ago
1st series 504 during the OGP 2000 at the Nürburgring, looking great with 15" wheels. But don't get any closer: There's not much left of the sills...
A rare beast: 1979 504 TI, owned by Lorenzo Cusumano, from the very last TI series sold over here. This car is rather special...
...as this last edition models were factory fitted with AMIL alloys, tinted glass, Tweed seats & trim (equal to the then new 505 SR/STI), chrome/rubber strips and metallic paint
Oh, quel cul tu as! The 504 is a beauty from every angle. If you look hard, you'll notice the "PEUGEOT fait confiance a ESSO" sticker on the rear window. Lorenzo renewed the tail lights...
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...and fitted twin round headlights, second door mirror and slightly larger wipers.
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Despite its 210.000 kms, Lorenzo's 504 looks stunning...
For comparison: This is also a 1979 504 TI, but lacking the special edition features - although someone fitted Amil alloys and a wind deflector on the drivers' window
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Some like it hot. Customized 504 Pick-up...
...during the OGP 2000 at the Nürburgring
Battered french 504 Break during a visit in Hamburg. Note air-intake on roof. Would the owner please contact me again. I never got your email!
This immaculate 1975 504 GL named "Appollo" is owned by Joachim Kaiser from the PeReCi Club, Berlin. It was also featured in the well-known german classic car mag OLDTIMER-MARKT.
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This pre-72 504 injection is now a works rallye car replica, owned by Michael Getzlaff and Joachim Kaiser, both pictured right behind the beast...
Great detailing: Note roof rack, rallye lights and protective mesh. This replica was built because the basis was just too bad for a "normal" rebuilt
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Showcar: This 1978 504 GL Automatique had only 68k km on the clock when Michael Semmler bought it right out of a PEUGEOT dealers' showroom...
...where it had spent the last 5 years. Michael was first in the queue of enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on this beauty. Naturally, there where some things to fix after that time...
...but it passed the german TÜV after being treated to new brakes and tyres. See Michael's 504 Database for more info about his car
What a contrast to Michaels car: This late 504 Break was advertised in www.mobile.de in spring time 2003
The ad sayed: "Save me from the crusher..."
...and somebody did. I came too late, the car was alreday sold!

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