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Ben Wilson from Australia used to own this 1977 2-litte 504 GL, fitted with a Weber carb. This 504 also features Australian made CHEVIOT alloy wheels, double-round headlights, air conditioning and a completely retrimmed interior in grey velour
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Some years ago, Ralph Wilson from Wodonga, Australia, bought the car from his brother Ben. He's also the one standing in the background of the first photo. That's Ralph's daughter Gabby standing next to the "family car".
Rear view of Ralph's nice looking 504 GL. Note tow bar and side trim
504 V8
Sharp looking 504 in Australia has been converted to a 4.4 liter V8 engine, 5 speed gearbox and lowered suspension. This streetmachine belongs to a Michael Richards
This 1980 504 GL belongs to Adam Fairfax. It has 242,000 genuine Kilometers and is still like new... Adam added Koni adjustable hydraulic shock inserts in the front and back, as well as a overhauled BA10 5 speed transmission. Other changes will be 15" wheels and a a 32/36 DGV Weber carb
This picture was made during the All French Car day in Sydney for all State Clubs, where Adam's 504 [pictured left] won the Concours Prize for Best 504 at the show. Hard competition: Note the gleaming inside of this participants' bonnet...
Another slightly modified beauty: 504 with double round headlights. Note rally lights and modern alloy wheels
Peter Wilson took this photo of two Peugeot 504s taking part in a rally through wet, muddy forests at Cowra. The white 504 owned by Andy Crane is powered by a 505 GTi engine, modified with an Australian programmable engine management system
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The V6 lads: As you might have guessed, these proud owners lining up here have fitted Peugeot V6 engines to their 504s. Photo again by Peter
Steve Palocz, president of the Peugeot Car Club of NSW, helped to organise the 504's 30th anniversary weekend at Wagga Beach. Nearly 50 504's came together that weekend...
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This picture shows the 504 procession which stopped on a run through the country. Photos from Peter & Steve / The Pugilist (great guys, excellent club mag!)
All good things must come to an end... Crashed australian 504 with unusual black roof and wind deflector
Lars Thieme snapped this PEUGEOT 504 GL during his last holiday 2002
Same car from behind. This 504 seems to be in an excellent condition. Note PEUGEOT mud flaps
Wonder what's under the scooped bonnet of this 504? Wait for it: This must be the world's only 504 with a Wankel rotary engine! This unique car belongs to Sam, who did the conversion to a 13B Turbo from a Mazda series 4 RX7. His car has extensively been modified... The custom moulded scoop throws cold air down on an intercooler which also has a fan built in it (controlled from inside, to use when in traffic)
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The motor consists of a high-flowed turbo which is capable of flowing up to 18psi (very scary) through the top mounted intercooler. Engine management is via a Microtech digi 2 pro computer which is quite a common brand of computer for rotary powerd cars. It runs a series 4 RX7 gearbox.
The motor also runs on gas which is better as it runs higher levels of octane to prevent detonation, says Sam. Other wise the 504 looks like a standard GL/TI model. So the disc brakes all round can handle the extra power.
Sam's 504 has also the luxury of air conditioning. The interior / exterior is in immaculate condition. Note extra gauges.
Sam says the PEUGEOT 504 is one of the most comfortable cars to sit in and drive for its age
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Matt from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, emaild me these photos of his family's PEUGEOT collection: The green 504GL and blue 505GR belongs to Matt, the red 505 STi belongs to his father, Jerry. The 505 STi wagon and the brown 504 GL belong to his brother, Ben.
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Matt owns two more 505 sedans which he's currently dismantling for parts, an SR and a GR. Matt will be putting the BA7/5, electronic ignition and power steering from these into his blue 505GR.His brother's 504 is a restoration project. It is in good condition but it will be a lot better when he has finished with it.

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Some more pictures from Matt's website. This 504 is an restoration project...
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...while even the dog thinks that this immaculate PEUGEOT 504 Break is worth a look
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504 Puzzle. Not quite, as it's dismantled to keep other 504s of the collection alive
Argentinian PEUGEOT 504, still (?) driven on LPG. Find more such great photos on Matt's website
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