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504 Argentinia
New 504 from Argentina (made until 1999 by PEUGEOT Argentina after the production ended in France 1983). Three models are available: The 2.0 SL (1971 cc, 100 bhp), the 2.3 SL (2304 cc Diesel, 70 bhp) and the SRX
The rear end looks somewhat different... This is the SRX top model (108 hp)
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And here comes the real thing...
What a beauty! Front grill and overriders seem to be original, but not the wheel-arch chrome strips and rims with a three-bolt pattern
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This old and well-used 504 takes a rest, hiding from the hot sun and dreaming of former, better times...
Same car shows also the specific overriders, and wears some argentinian-market alloys
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This beautiful PEUGEOT 504 2000SE is owned by Mauro from Argentina.
Exterior is standard, but the engine is not. Mauro fitted a 34 / 34 Solex EIES carb...
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...racing exhaust and exhaust manifold, 504 TN (418) camshaft, electronic ignition system (from the 505), and some things more...
...like this instrument panel. Althought standard equipment, it looks really sporting.
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Some modifications later, notably a lowered suspension and double-round headlights...
... Mauro's PEUGEOT 504 2000 SE looks like this. Still a Berline, but a sporting one! Nice work...
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Frédéric Robert sent me this picture of a typical argentinian 504 Taxi
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A long row of 504 Taxis waiting for guests. I would spend all my money for taxi rides. Photo by Frédéric
Heavily modified and tuned PEUGEOT 504s like this...
...can be found under www.pisteros.com. Check this site!
Another tuned beauty from this website. Note overrider-less bumpers, grill, door mirrors and alloys
Now this is an immaculate engine bay! Not everyone's taste, but different - and I like it
This argentinian 1971 504 belongs to Daniel Parabrisas. It has a 1600 cc engine with 87 hp
Daniel's immaculate car has unique grill badge
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Luciano Trubiroha owns this 1984 504 GRII. It has a 2000cc XN1 engine, a BA 7/10 Gearbox (the 5 Speed), a sport exhaust system (Escapessilens), a Solex 34/34 TEIE carb, and transistor ignition taken from a 505. Cibie foglights, Amil alloys, powered front windows, A/C, power steering and central locking are additional extras. Makes me thinking about imports to Germany...
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