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C o u p é  &  C a b r i o l e t

504 Coupe MK2
504 Coupé Mk2, 1977

At 1969's Genva salon, the PEUGEOT 504 Coupé and Cabriolet were presented to the public. These examples of Pininfarina's art with 504 sedan suspension were built until 1983:
Available as Injection 1800 (1969-70), Injection 2000 (1971-74), TI (1977-83) or V6 (1974-77, Coupé until -83). First cars look best with double rectangular headlights and three-part taillights.

504 Coupé Mk3

The 504s pictured here are post '74 (2nd series), with bigger lights front and rear. 1979 saw the introduction of bigger plastic body color bumpers (3rd series). 26.629 Coupés and 8185 Cabriolets were sold. Gorgeous cars - but quite expensive, and they're not getting cheaper...

504 Cabriolet Mk1 with DUNLOP alloys

504 Cabriolet Mk2, 1977
504 Cabriolet Mk 2

B r e a k

In April 1970, PEUGEOT presented the 504 wagon, being longer (4.80 m) than the sedan, also having a longer wheelbase, a higher roof in the back and a solid rear axle with four (!) coil springs. Basically, four different versions were available: Break L (basic, with the "L" dashboard), Break GL ("Transport-Sedan"), Familiale (six-seater) and Commerciale (load carrier for business use). A choice of gas and Diesel engines, and specialist coach builders using the Break as a basis, resulted in a vast number of different versions.

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Original photo of german press-release map 1971

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Another original press-photo, 1971

2nd series 504 Familiale, 1979
504 Break Familial 1979

At 1971's Genva salon, PEUGEOT showed a very special wagon: The 504 Break Riviera, based on the 504 Coupé. Sadly, this beautiful and breathtaking estate never made it into production. It would have been ahead of it's time.

Ultra-rare colour photo of the 504 Break Riviera
504 Break Riviera

Rumors said that there were 3 prototypes, and that only one car has survived and is now hidden by an unknown spanish collector. If only...

Breathtaking 504 Break Riviera

Riviera in same location as in colour photo above

P i c k - u p

The 504 Pick-up was added to the 504 family in 1979 and could be ordered in countless different versions, from PEUGEOT or converters as Dangel or Heuliez.

The 504 Pick-up was available with gas or Diesel engines and even as a cab with platform, so the specialist coach builders were able to manufacture Pick-up's for every need...